Curriculum Vitae

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Table of Contents

  1. Publications
    1. Fiction
    2. Poetry
    3. Translations and Adaptations
    4. Essays and Editorials
    5. Reviews
  2. Editing
  3. Narration
  4. Teaching and Training
  5. Talks and Panels
  6. Interviews
  7. Fellowships, Grants, and Honors
  8. Education



“The Shapeshifter Unraveled.” Forthcoming from Daily Science Fiction. 980 words.

“Anything Resembling Love.” Forthcoming February 2020 from 5,500 words.

“Your Luminous Heart, Bound in Red.” Speculative Masculinities, forthcoming Fall 2019 from Galli Books. 7,500 words.

Double-Edged.” Rendez-Vous, September 2019. 590 words. Available in print from Short Édition Short Story Dispensers.

“At Your Dream’s Edge.” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March/April 2019. 1,900 words.

“Mother Tongues.” Asimov’s, January/February 2018. 3,700 words. eBook available.

  • Listen: Escape Pod | Clarkesworld | Scribd
  • Reprinted in Escape Pod 636, July 2018.
  • Reprinted in Clarkesworld 149, February 2019.
  • Reprinted in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume 13, edited by Jonathan Strahan, April 2019 from Solaris.
  • Reprint forthcoming in The New Voices of Science Fiction, edited by Jacob Weisman & Hannu Rajaniemi, November 2019 from Solaris.
  • Reprinted in The Best Science Fiction of the Year, Volume 4, edited by Neil Clarke, July 2019 from Night Shade Books.
  • Reprint forthcoming in The Long List Anthology, Volume 5, edited by David Steffan from Diabolical Plots.
  • Hugo Award long list, 2019.
  • Locus Recommended Reading List, 2019.
  • Asimov’s 33rd Annual Readers’ Award Poll finalist, 2019.
  • Translations:
    • Magyar (Hungarian), as “Anyanyelv” in Az év legjobb science fiction és fantasynovellái 2019 (ISBN 978-963-406-797-9). Translator unknown; please contact me if you have details.
    • Hrvatski (Croatian), forthcoming from Sirius B.
    • Español (Spanish), forthcoming from Gigamesh.

“From Something Emerging.” Strange California, edited by Jaym Gates & J. Daniel Batt, April 2017 from StoryJitsu. 5,000 words. eBook available.

A Complex Filament of Light.” Anathema: Spec from the Margins 1, April 2017. 3,400 words. eBook available.

What Could Be.” Daily Science Fiction, August 24, 2017. 150 words. eBook available.

“Introduction to the Journal of Interplanetary Lycan Studies, Volume 1, Issue 1.” Mad Scientist Journal, Summer 2017. 900 words. eBook available.

“Vector.” Gamut, April 2017. 1,000 words. eBook available.

An Abundance of Fish.” Uncanny, March/April 2017. 800 words. eBook available.

Curiosity Fruit Machine.” GlitterShip, February 2017. 700 words. eBook available.

“Someone’s Checking You Out Right Now!” Fitting In: Historical Accounts of Paranormal Subcultures, edited by Dawn Vogel & Jeremy Zimmerman, October 2016 from DefCon One Publishing. 1,000 words. eBook available.

Th Fifth Lttr.” Daily Science Fiction, September 12, 2016. 900 words. eBook available.

Her Sacred Spirit Soars.” Strange Horizons: Our Queer Planet, July 18, 2016. 5,400 words. eBook available.

  • Listen: Strange Horizons
  • James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award long list, 2017.
  • Locus Recommended Reading List, 2016.
  • Reprinted in Transcendent 2: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, edited by Bogi Takács, October 2017 from Lethe Press.

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“they would have us disappear.” Stand Magazine, forthcoming 2020. 27 lines.

Flashover.” Uncanny, May 2019. 45 lines.

Badwater.” Twisted Moon, May 2017. 26 lines. eBook available.

Inhalations.” Strange Horizons, January 2017. 30 lines. eBook available.

肉骨茶 (Meat Bone Tea).” Uncanny 12, September/October 2016. 16 lines. eBook available.

Parallax.” inkscrawl, August 2016. 8 lines. eBook available.

Children of the Geese.” Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, July 2016. 32 lines. eBook available.

The Lies You Learned.” Liminality, March 2016. 118 lines. eBook available.

Consistencies.” inkscrawl, December 2015. 8 lines. eBook available.

Particularities.” inkscrawl, December 2015. 10 lines. eBook available.

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Translations and Adaptations

Lose Control. Translation of 《失控》 by Zhang Zhen (张震). In progress.

Beauty and the Beast Girl. Adaptation of 『ぼっち怪物と盲目少女』 by Neji (寝路). Seven Seas Entertainment, February 2019. 162-page graphic novel.

The Love Letters.” Translation of 《情书》 by Peng Simeng (彭思萌). Clarkesworld 146, November 2018. 1,900 words.

Möbius Continuum.” Translation of 《莫比乌斯时空》 by Gu Shi (顾适). Clarkesworld 132, September 2017. 4,400 words.

“Speechless Love.” Translation of 《不会说话的爱情》 by Yilun Fan (范轶伦). Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation, edited by Phoebe Wagner & Brontë Christopher Wieland, August 2017 from Upper Rubber Boot Books. 2,400 words.

  • Buy: Book Depository | Indiebound | Barnes & Noble | Amazon
  • Excerpt reprinted in International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme: English A: Language and Literature Course Companion (2e) by Brian Chanen and Rob Allison, January 2019 from Oxford University Press.

The Person Who Saw Cetus.” Translation of 《看见鲸鱼座的人》 by Tang Fei (糖匪). Clarkesworld 128, May 2017. 5,500 words.

“Kiln Transmutation.” Translation of 《窑变》 by Mu Ming (幕明) on behalf of Future Affairs Administration for a workshop at Kansas University’s James Gunn Center for Science Fiction. 4,000 words.

Chimera.” Translation with Ken Liu of 《嵌合体》 by Gu Shi (顾适). Clarkesworld 114, March 2016. 17,900 words.

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Essays and Editorials

“Fat, And.” The (Other) F Word, edited by Angie Manfredi, September 2019 from Abrams/Amulet Books. 2,000 words.

Poetry Introduction.” Uncanny 24: Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction! September/October 2018. 900 words.

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Forthcoming review for Steel Crow Saga by Paul Krueger, September 2019 from Del Rey (buy). Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog, September 2019. 900 words.

Jin Yong’s A Hero Born: A Legendary Chinese Epic Travels West.” Review of A Hero Born by Jin Yong, translated by Anna Holmwood, September 2019 from St. Martin’s (buy). Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog, September 2019. 700 words.

Cry Pilot Is the Closest Thing to an Immersive Cyberpunk FPS Video Game Between Two Covers.” Review of Cry Pilot by Joel Dane, August 2019 from Penguin (buy). Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog, August 2019. 900 words.

In the Darkly Humorous All My Colors, a Jerk Rewrites a Novel Only He Can Remember.” Review of All My Colors by David Quantick, April 2019 from Titan Books (buy). Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog, April 2019. 600 words.

The Poppy War Is a Dark Fantasy Steeped in Powerful, Painful Historical Fact.” Review of The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang, May 2018 from Harper Voyager (buy). Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog, May 2018. 1,000 words.

“Must-Watch TV: Into the Badlands.” Review of Into the Badlands season 1. People of Color Take Over Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, June 2017. 1,100 words.

“An Outcast Romance Facing the Apocalypse.” Review of All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders, January 2016 from Tor Books (buy). The Cascadia Subduction Zone 6(2), April 2016. 900 words. Download PDF.

“Southeast Asian Retrofuturism.” Review of The SEA Is Ours: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia, edited by Jaymee Goh & Joyce Chng, November 2015 from Rosarium Press (buy). The Cascadia Subduction Zone 6(1), January 2016. 1,000 words. Download PDF.

“The Persistence of Memories.” Review of Jennifer’s Journal: The Life of a SubUrban Girl Vol. 1 by Jennifer Cruté, May 2015 from Rosarium Press (buy). The Cascadia Subduction Zone 5(4), October 2015. 1,100 words. Download PDF.

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Arsenika, issue 0–present. Fiction and poetry.

Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction! Special issue published by Uncanny, 2018. Poetry.

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A Complex Filament of Light” by S. Qiouyi Lu. Cast of Wonders, June 2017. 27 minutes.

Curiosity Fruit Machine” by S. Qiouyi Lu. GlitterShip, February 2017. 6 minutes.

The Slow Ones” by JY Yang. GlitterShip, February 2017. 20 minutes.

The Gold Silkworm” by Tony Pi. PodCastle, July 2016. 33 minutes.

Poison Kiss by Ana Mardoll. June 2016 from Acacia Moon Publishing. 8 hours 46 minutes.

Just a Little Spice Will Do” by Andrew Wilmot. GlitterShip, May 2016. 32 minutes.

Minghun: Unlikely Patron Saints, No. 5” by Amy Sisson. GlitterShip, October 2015. 17 minutes.

Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon” by Ken Liu. GlitterShip, September 2015. 44 minutes.

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Teaching and Training


“Deep Dive Into Neopronouns.” Writing the Other. November 3–11, 2018.


“Neopronouns.” Wiscon 42, May 2018. Precursor to “Deep Dive Into Neopronouns.”

Courses and Simulations

Alelo, Inc.

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Talks and Panels

“Asian Americans in Science Fiction.” Panelist. Asian American Culture Con, October 2018.

“Are They Really Going Out With Them? Dating and Relationshipping as a Nonbinary Trans Person.” Panelist. Wiscon 42, May 2018.

“Beyond S/He.” Moderator. Wiscon 42, May 2018.

“It’s Mx. Professional To You, Bub.” Panelist. Wiscon 42, May 2018.

“Speculative Fiction In Translation.” Panelist. Wiscon 42, May 2018.

“Weird West.” Moderator. Wiscon 42, May 2018.

“Why Does Alternate History Still Mean Colonial History?” Panelist. Wiscon 42, May 2018.

“Nonstandard Pronouns in SF/F and Real Life.” Panelist. Wiscon 40, May 2016.

“Science Fiction in Translation.” Panelist. Wiscon 40, May 2016.

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Interview: S. Qiouyi Lu on “At Your Dream’s Edge.”” F&SF blog, April 2019. 750 words.

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Fellowships, Grants, and Honors

Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship. Granted by The Carl Brandon Society, 2016.

Emerging Artists Grant. Granted by the Columbus Arts Festival, 2013.

Susan Huntington Dean’s Distinguished University Fellowship. Granted by The Ohio State University, 2012.

Carolina Southeast Asia Summer (SEAS) Research Fellowship. Granted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2010.

Carolina Southeast Asia Summer (SEAS) Program. Funded by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009.

National Merit Scholarship. Granted by The Siemens Foundation, 2008.

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The Ohio State University. Completed 69 credit hours toward a Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics, 2012–2015.

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, Chinese minor, with Highest Distinction. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2012.

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