Speculative fiction writer, translator, and editor

You can license my work for a variety of uses. I calculate my rates based on a number of factors, including how much of the work is reprinted, how widely it will be distributed, and whether you intend to use the work commercially.

Please contact me with a description of your project and which rights you’d like to purchase to negotiate rates.


In some cases, I may not be able to license reprint rights.

Books under contract

You will have to adhere to the publisher’s requirements when it comes to reprint rights and excerpting. Please send queries about reprints directly to the publisher. You can usually find contact information for the publisher on the work’s copyright page. Please contact me if you are unsure whether a book is under contract or not.


I cannot authorize a reprint without the original author’s permission. Please contact me for assistance querying authors I’ve translated for reprint rights.

Work for hire

The copyright for any work done for hire belongs to the person who commissioned the work. If you are unsure if work done was for hire, please contact me to confirm.

Educational use

I’m always happy to hear that my work is being taught. If I have made a piece publicly available, feel free to make copies and redistribute it. You don’t need to query first.

If the piece isn’t publicly available on my site, I don’t mind if you make copies on intranets and other internal groups (i.e., the general public can’t just register and log in), but please contact me before reprinting the full text on a public page to make sure the work isn’t under an active exclusivity clause with a publisher.

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