About Me

This is my informal about me page. Please use the bios and headshots in my press kit for media coverage and publication.

You can find the serious stuff on the rest of my site, and I’ll let my work speak for itself. Here’s some trivia:

Chinese Zodiac?
Western Zodiac♉️☀️♎️?♎️?
Blood TypeO+
Favorite ColorTeal
Favorite Food生煎包

Opinions of Little Consequence

✅ Pineapple on pizza✅ Oatmeal raisin cookies? In-n-Out? Sandwich nihilist
? Over? LA Lakers??‍♀️ Duke??‍♀️ Carolina
✅ Oxford comma? Barbecue agnostic✅ Cilantro? Crochet
? Cats⚡️ Marvel? Autumn? “Soda”
??‍? Mac? Console agnostic? Pie✅ Cake
☕️ Tea? Malaysian bak kut teh✅ 臭豆腐? Durian
? iOS? Halloween? /gɪf/? Night

? Thin Mint Memorial ?