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Title / Summary “No One at the Wild Dock” by Gu Shi
Byline translated by S. Qiouyi Lu
Primary URL https://clarkesworldmagazine.com/gu_01_22/
Category Short Publications
Subcategory Translations and Adaptations
First published in Clarkesworld 184
Date January 2022
Publisher Wyrm Publishing
Length 6100 words
Production Team
Editors Neil Clarke (editor)
Artists Zezhou Chen (cover art)
Publishers Storycom (publishing partner)
Additional staff Gu Shi (author)
S. Qiouyi Lu (translator)
Kate Baker (narrator)
This work is a translation.
Original language(s) Chinese
Original title 《野渡无人》
Original author(s) Gu Shi (顾适)
Original publication Möbius Continuum by Gu Shi (collection)
Original publication date January 2020
Formats available online

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