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Title / Summary “bosque”
Byline by S. Qiouyi Lu 陸秋逸
Primary URL https://sinetheta.net/14.html
Category Short Publications
Subcategory Poetry
First published in sinθ 14
Date January 2020
Length 6 lines
Production Team
Editors Jiaqi Kang 亢嘉琪 (editor-in-chief)
Emily Chen 谌月 (editor)
Hayley Wu 黄美棋 (web editor)
C. Grace Chang 张云晖 (editorial intern)
Steph Chang 張雅雯 (editorial intern)
Joyce Lu 路加玮 (editorial intern)
Artists Kevin Lim 林国良 (cover photographer)
Xuan Wei Yap 葉萱緯 (creative director)
Elisabeth Siegel 朱明慧 (art director)
Jess Liu 刘韶洁 (web designer)
Julia Chen 郑家丽 (design intern)
Miki Wong 黄美棋 (design intern)
Additional staff Juliette Wu 伍家荟 (staff contributor)
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