Speculative fiction writer, translator, and editor

Feel free to send me work to review or blurb, but please keep in mind the following terms and conditions:

My writing, editing, and translation projects take a higher priority than reviewing. I am unable to review all material sent to me. I will acknowledge materials sent, but I may decline to comment on material for any reason.

I cannot guarantee a positive review. I can only guarantee that I will provide an honest review written in a professional tone.

Unless I have an outlet ready to receive a review for your work, I reserve the right to not finish materials (DNF).

I do not send review drafts to creators for comment before publication. Reviews go directly onto my site or to editors at other venues. Blurbs go to the creator’s agent, editor, or publicist. Please include their contact information with materials.

I do not notify creators of reviews unless they have given me permission to do so.

Please query first. You can visit the Materials Received page for a full record of what’s been submitted.

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