Speculative fiction writer, translator, and editor

A cultural consultant provides information and insight that is often not available to people outside the culture. Consultants also work with individuals and organizations to provide feedback on proposed projects with an eye toward sensitivity and inclusivity. Cultural consultants are particularly important when there is cross-cultural communication, as they can help minimize the potential for miscommunication and other damages.

A cultural consultant who also provides a manuscript evaluation or developmental edit for your work is usually considered a sensitivity reader. I provide sensitivity reading as a separate service.

I’m available for informational interviews and assistance on projects. I can do a free initial 10-minute consultation by phone or video. From there, I charge $50/hr of interview time or labor, but any custom quote I provide to account for the complexity of your project supersedes my $50/hr basic rate.

Please contact me with a description of your needs so I can let you know if I’m the right cultural consultant for you.

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