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Bisolar cycle

Codex > The planet of Aurei has a binary star system with two heartbeat suns. It also has one tidally locked moon that behaves like Earth’s moon. The two suns do not rise at exactly the same time. The larger sun rises first, followed by the smaller one. The larger one also sets before the …

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Codex > , Pava is an herb with medicinal and recreational uses. It can be prepared and consumed in various ways. The main effect of pava is to open a link between the user and ’s qi, the planet’s metaphysical ecosystem and network, known as the Gleaming, the Host, and the Manifold, among other culture-specific …

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Combat Skycups

Codex > > , Combat skycups is a competitive sport originating in . The skycups resemble the diabolos of Earth. My goal in creating combat skycups was to have a fantasy sport that is completely playable in our world. Although competitive Quidditch exists, the sport is a modified version of what is represented in the …

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