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#AnnotatedHanzinn負鼠 ‘possum’ (US kind), comprised of 負 ‘to bear on the back, to lose’ (a person picking up 貝 ‘shell, currency’) and 鼠 ‘mouse, rat,’ presumably alluding to the possum’s tendency to lie on its back and play dead t.co/PNtXBWuxS8

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FUbIesJUYAEpTz5.jpg / photonhttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/FUbIesIUAAEKPEh.jpg / photo

#AnnotatedHanzinn隻 measure word for birds, comprised of 隹 ‘bird’ in 又 handnn比 ‘compare,’ comprised of two 匕 ladlesnn欆 ‘a boat that has not yet sailed,’ comprised of two birds 隹 in the hand 又 of a bush 木nn好 ‘good, better,’ comprised of 女 ‘women’ and 子 ‘children’ t.co/XrV9z7G1kL t.co/Ar05lmT17V


https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FSIHUMjVkAAU-aM.jpg / photonhttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/FSIHUMdVUAAICRK.jpg / photo

#AnnotatedHanzinn楊紫瓊 ‘Michelle Yeoh’nn楊 ‘poplar, willow; surname,’ made of 木 ‘wood’ & 昜 ‘bright, glorious,’ itself a 日 ‘sun’ that 勿 ‘never’ sets below horizon 一nn紫 ‘violet, purple,’ comprised of 此 ‘this’ & 糸 ‘silk’nn瓊 ‘fine jade,’ comprised of 玉 ‘jade’ & 夐 ‘vast’ t.co/TibBomFe3p


#AnnotatedHanzinn陸 ‘land, continent; surname,’ comprised of ⻖ ‘mound, abundant’ and 土 ‘dirt’ 八 ‘eight, all sides, all around’ 土 ‘dirt’nn秋 ‘autumn, harvest,’ comprised of 禾 ‘rice on stalk’ and 火 ‘fire’nn逸 ‘grace, leisure, escape,’ comprised of 兔 ‘rabbit’ and 辶 ‘to run’