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Links to settings on Twitter as structured on November 12, 2022.

Your account

See information about your account, download an archive of your data, or learn about your account deactivation options.

Account information

See your account information like your phone number and email address.

Change your password

Change your password at any time.

Download an archive of your data

Get insights into the type of information stored for your account.

TweetDeck Teams

Invite anyone to Tweet from this account using the Teams feature in TweetDeck.

Deactivate your account

Find out how you can deactivate your account.


Twitter Blue

Security and account access

Manage your account’s security and keep track of your account’s usage including apps that you have connected to your account.


Manage your account’s security.

Apps and sessions

See information about when you logged into your account and the apps you connected to your account.

Connected accounts

Manage Google or Apple accounts connected to Twitter to log in.

Privacy and safety

Manage what information you see and share on Twitter.

Your Twitter activity

Audience and tagging

Manage what information you allow other people on Twitter to see.

Your Tweets

Manage the information associated with your Tweets.

Content you see

Decide what you see on Twitter based on your preferences like Topics and interests

Mute and block

Manage the accounts, words, and notifications that you’ve muted or blocked.

Direct Messages

Manage who can message you directly.


Manage who can see your Spaces listening activity

Discoverability and contacts

Control your discoverability settings and manage contacts you’ve imported.

Data sharing and personalization

Ads preferences

Manage your ads experience on Twitter.

Inferred identity

Allow Twitter to personalize your experience with your inferred activity, e.g. activity on devices you haven’t used to log in to Twitter.

Data sharing with business partners

Allow sharing of additional information with Twitter’s business partners.

Location information

Manage the location information Twitter uses to personalize your experience.

Learn more about privacy on Twitter

Privacy center

Privacy policy

Contact us


Select the kinds of notifications you get about your activities, interests, and recommendations.


Choose the notifications you’d like to see — and those you don’t.


Select your preferences by notification type.

Accessibility, display and languages

Manage how Twitter content is displayed to you.


Manage aspects of your Twitter experience such as limiting color contrast and motion.


Manage your font size, color, and background. These settings affect all the Twitter accounts on this browser.


Manage which languages are used to personalize your Twitter experience.

Data usage

Limit how Twitter uses some of your network data. These settings affect all the Twitter accounts on this browser.

Additional resources

Check out other places for helpful information to learn more about Twitter products and services.

Release notes

Release notes


Ads info

Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service






Brand Resources




Help Center



Twitter for Business