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Anonymous asked: Hey! I was wondering if you or anyone here could recommend me a really good eyeliner that’s, for sure, smudgeproof! I’m from Singapore and the humidity here get pretty insane sometimes. I have puffy monolids and find that my eyeliner always smudges onto my lower lashline giving me panda eyes :c It smudges even when I’m at home ;-; I’ve tried the maybelline and bobbi brown gel liners and they both smudge on me even though tonnes of reviews claim they’re the best ö

hi there! is stila available in singapore? I use their stay all day liquid eyeliner along with urban decay eyeshadow primer (you can probably use any kind of eye primer tbh) and I get very good results 🙂

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Graphic Eyeliner with Gold Glitter 

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sweetbloggergirl-deactivated202 asked: Hi !! I just want to say I love your blog! I’m a 20 year old girl from Australia and was just wondering, what fake eyelash brands or types specifically do you recommend for monolid. As I have a lot of trouble finding false eyelashes for my eyeshape. Most of the time they tend to look odd or are too long.

hey! I’ve found that the brand doesn’t matter as much as the fit; it’s totally okay to trim the eyelashes with a pair of scissors for a better fit. I find that eyelashes tend to be too long out of the package, so I measure them against my eyelid and cut the band until it feels more comfortable. 🙂 hope that helps!

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Smokey monolid makeup

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teacupofdestruction asked: (1/2) Hi! I’ve got a demi monolid like you; however, most of my eyelid can be seen and the monolid only covers the innermost part of my eye (?) When I’m looking straight, my eyes most closely resemble the

(2/2) “half open” image from the demilid diagram you showed on your blog once. Would you recommend just doing my makeup as if I had a full monolid? Or is there some other way of doing it that would be better

hey, sorry for the late reply! what I end up doing is doing winged eyeliner on the outer part of my eyelid—I extend the line of my lower lid, then follow the shape of my upper lid to connect the top eyeliner to that line. I just don’t bother doing eyeliner on the inner corner; if I do, it’s a pretty thin line. 

I think with demimonolids there’s a bit more room for eyeliner, so the techniques are a little different than a full monolid (which I don’t have and haven’t had a chance to practice with, so I’m not totally sure how to do makeup on a full monolid ^^;). 

let me know if what I said doesn’t make sense and if you’d like pictures/video 🙂

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