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Hey guys, I’m desperately looking for some thingstiel stuff and I found… nothing, yeah. While you’re thinking whether you’ve seen something about this kink, I will just post a link to the fic there. Firestiel included c;


more firestiel here: 

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his kisses are bites of fire against your mouth, bruising, all consuming and you relish in the burn while you cradle his face tight against your palms and kiss him for all that it’s worth. burnburburn — you can feel the cry of your mouth as it begs for mercy but you never let up, only pressing more into the shape of a burning beacon bowed mouth, all consuming, burning, bruising, and it’s all than you know, all you’ve ever known. you want to pull away, bark out a order for this thing to leave, for you to carry on with your life, to pull back and peel back the burnt texture of your mouth, to relish in the freedom of not burning, to push and shove and feel the bite of fire not on your mouth but your hands.

but you don’t, even as he eats up the part of your mouth and flames lick at the whole of your mouth, sliding against your tongue and resting on the roof of your mouth, even as he grips you tight, pulls you closer, devours you entirely in a show of flames and smoke. 

you summoned me, dean winchester, i am what you’ve always wanted, and what you’ll never run from — he calls, tauts, sneers into your open mouth as you choke on the tendrils of flame sliding down your raw throat and you’re coughing, wheezing, begging for mercy as fire turns to ash and ash turns to smoke and smoke turns to substance, and it’s taking root inside your lungs, all consuming and you’re burningburningburning alive from the inside out. 

and you love it. like you love the fire burning the skin of your mouth, twisting inside your very core, squeezing past all your organs and muscle and bone and flesh and veins and the blood becomes rivers of fire instead and it’s true, you did summon this creature of orange and red to cradle your face in the palms of it’s flame hands and kiss you with snarls of all consuming fire. it’s true in all sense of the word, true as you grip this creature forward, this shimmering force of light and burning to your spread body, to the way your hands curl in the tendrils of his orange streaked hair,  to the way your mouth parts to allow the smoke to billow down your lungs, to the way you think this is what i want, this is what i need, this everything i’ll ever desire 

and finally, you’re housing a fire inside of you because you have no other choice. 

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I cannot always feel his greatness.
Sometimes he walks beside me, step by step,
And paces slowly in the ways—
The simple, wingless ways
That my thoughts tread. He gossips with me then,
And finds it good;
Not as an eagle might, his great wings folded, be content
To walk a little, knowing it his choice,
But as a simple man,
My friend.

And I forget.

 – ‘the great man’ by eunice tietjens

callowyn: #that’s the thing about trueform cas #it’s hard to forget you’re talking to a warrior of god when fire is licking your skin or a tiger is pinning you to the ground #but when castiel looks like just a man #dean can almost believe this is someone else who doesn’t know what to do #dean/castiel #thingstiel #jimmystiel #power is in the eye of the beholder

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