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Lettuce turnip the beet. (Taken with Instagram)

11:05:39 PM rubato: CALLY
11:05:44 PM rubato: BECAUSE
11:05:45 PM rubato: PM callowyn: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
11:06:23 PM callowyn: MEETS PUNSTIEL
11:06:25 PM rubato: heLP

rubato: #observed: #two thingstielers in their natural habitat #watch as they encounter a titillating image #it does not matter what the image is actually of #just that it is titillating #watch as one screeches and gesticulates wildly toward that image to the other #watch as they have feelings over something like needlepoint #the ways of the thingstielers are very enigmatic #environmental scientists are attempting to harness the power of their imagination #as a form of sustainable and renewable clean energy #hold on! #what’s this! #a thingstieler suddenly has feelings over energystiel! #the generator harnessing these feels is overheating #it explodes! #perhaps a world run off of thingstieler imagination is not as safe as was initially imagined.

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I cannot always feel his greatness.
Sometimes he walks beside me, step by step,
And paces slowly in the ways—
The simple, wingless ways
That my thoughts tread. He gossips with me then,
And finds it good;
Not as an eagle might, his great wings folded, be content
To walk a little, knowing it his choice,
But as a simple man,
My friend.

And I forget.

 – ‘the great man’ by eunice tietjens

callowyn: #that’s the thing about trueform cas #it’s hard to forget you’re talking to a warrior of god when fire is licking your skin or a tiger is pinning you to the ground #but when castiel looks like just a man #dean can almost believe this is someone else who doesn’t know what to do #dean/castiel #thingstiel #jimmystiel #power is in the eye of the beholder

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I just don’t understand how this happened. But here’s a picture of a lemon from my backyard

gardening is fun and games until SOMEONE SUMMONS SATAN

Angels are not as good at camouflage as they think they are.

callowyn: #when life hands the winchesters lemons #those lemons are also eldritch horrors #who may or may not want to envessel them #dean takes aim and says #‘gonna need a lot of sugar for this one sammy’ #lemonstiel#lemonifer #lemonthulhu #the fuck is this even

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I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.
Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets.
Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day
I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps. 

I hunger for your sleek laugh,
your hands the color of a savage harvest,
hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails,
I want to eat your skin like a whole almond. 

I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body,
the sovereign nose of your arrogant face,
I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes, 

and I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight,
hunting for you, for your hot heart,
like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.

– ‘i crave your mouth, your voice, your hair’ by pablo neruda

 #see this is why tigerstiel would especially be interesting to me in season 5 #the way the animal instincts begin to leak through #the predatory nature and the hunter instinct #how the love of an angel is so much like the hunger of a beast and he can’t tell the difference anymore #omg it’s like Where the Wild Things Are: i’ll eat you up. i love you so. #dean/tigerstiel: it’s not just bestiality #it is also vore #so here have a picture of tigerstiel looking for god trying not to think about how delicious dean’s been looking lately #i just have this image in my head of 5×18 right #in the alley #dean’s throat in castiel’s mouth #the teeth already piercing skin #finally the taste of blood #his blood#you have hungered for so long but still you can’t bite

#dean/tigerstiel: it’s not just bestiality #it is also vore

#dean/tigerstiel: it’s not just bestiality #it is also vore

#dean/tigerstiel: it’s not just bestiality #it is also vore

What am I supposed to do now that blindfold will never deliver this?

#furthermore this ties into what I was saying earlier about the vessel hunger going both ways #cas is literally hungry yes #but perhaps the angel in him senses these empty vessels so tantalizingly close #he wants to fill them all #tigerstiel #las is a bad influence

godGODand dean submitted to him for onceFor once tigerstiel dominated dean so utterlyand dean just wanted him to takebut then the apocalypse leftAnd tigerstiel got his mojo backThe instincts safely restrained,And dean screamed insideBecause there is a beast in dean that can not be quenchedAnd tigerstiel is the only oneThe ONLY one that made it go silentDean’s control is an illusion,Tigerstiel can take what is his.

OMG AND BECAUSE. You know how when Dean was telling Sam earlier this season that pain is real and I am real, and how Dean was obviously speaking from experience there? ‘Cos who hurt Dean to ground him to reality when he was fresh out of hell? NNNGGHHH IT WAS CAS. Repentance without hope of being forgiven, despite whatever Castiel tells him. Castiel tells him he’s saved, not forgiven. It’s not blame that falls on him, but fate. 



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sparseparsley:#a challenge to the thingstielers#oh ho


no but see but all the cheerios are the souls in hell, because hell is other cheerios, and they’re crowding all on top of each other and they can’t get out and oh god it’s just cheerios, cheerios EVERYWHERE; bela’s somewhere in there, clawing her way up out from underneath the other demon-os, because god fucking dammit she WILL work her way out of this goddamn HELL, she did not deserve this, she did not deserve this at ALL; why is she the one who gets a ticket to hell—where is her spineless shit of a father—(except she doesn’t want to know; she doesn’t want to face him—so she keeps clawing her way up, eyes flashing black with all the effort, but she won’t give up, will NEVER give up)—

the pancakes are the garrison; anna is the little square of butter on top, except she’s looking a little confused because she’s still human at this point; why does she dream of an angry father? uriel’s the one underneath her and her grace is melting into it and he’s holding onto it, ready for her, ready to be in command—

the cup of maple syrup is dick roman; leviathan beats angel after all; the black goo of maple syrup leads to pancakes’ delicious demise

milkstiel’s being a martyr as usual; he will be poured into the cheerios of hell if that’s what it takes to save the winchesters

salt!sam and dean!egg are off in the corner, and oh god this heaven/hell/purgatory war is too much for them and—no but see it’s tragic because sam is the salt, and salt is what’s used to fight off demons, but ultimately sam is the one with the demon blood in him—and dean looks so solid, so ready to roll into whatever the fuck fight he’s up against—but his shell’s thin, hides all the soft vulnerabilities inside him, and he’s just struggling not to break and


what have I done

I’m the one who gripped you tight and plunged you to nutrition

rubato:#my magnum opus maybe

 callowyn:#um yes#definitely#THE SPOONS ARE NOVAKS#jimmy and claire#the spoons#the right shape to hold milkstiel#and the demon-os too if they must#but fork!amelia is too pointy#too fierce#a demon-o catches on one of her tines but she turns upside down and lets that motherfucker fall back into the pit#I HAVE A SICKNESS AND ITS NAME IS THINGSTIEL#but at least I don’t suffer alone#shaking people munching things#the breakfast business#foodstiel

I’m the one who gripped you tight and plunged you to nutrition.

a-walking-blasphemy:#okay so that makes the bowl hell#and the plate heaven#and the placemat earth#and the syrup thing purgatory#can’t stop imagining milk+syrup and it’s grossing me out#ugh but the syrup consumes Cas#they’re still in there somewhere but how can you pull it apart?#THE TABLE IS GOD#THE FLOOR IS DEATH

thecoatinmytrunk: #okay so if the floor is death and the table is god #chuck sits at the table and reaches for the egg and the salt #but he’s chuck and he’s drunk so he knocks the glass of milk off the table onto the floor #glass shattered – milkstiel spilled all over the floor#but he gets another glass and refills it with milk #and knocks it over again #and again #CAN I JOIN THIS CRAZY TRAIN IS THIS A THING I CAN THINGSTIEL?





chuck how did you manage to drop that entire plate of angels onto the floor

dammit chuck

Chuck please tell me you did not just loose half of the salt into the cheerios. Sam needed that. 

a-walking-blasphemy: #chuck is just so bad at breakfast #chuck just stop #just#the syrup ends up soaked in all over the placemat #with this milk splatter #and the only thing left on the table is silverware and salty cheerios #and this one lonely egg #this is just all the seasons mixed together but I don’t hink it’s important







rubato: #no but see this is really deep too #because now it’s all just vessel angst #spoon!claire and spoon!amelia #spoon!jimmy’s on the floor #gone #spoon!claire and spoon!amelia are covered in salt #(they check the salt lines around the house every day) #(they can’t afford not to) #there’s salty cheerios surrounding them #it’s okay because they’re salty so they can’t do anything but #that makes it worse #now the demon-os are just memories in amelia and claire’s minds #but memories are sometimes more painful than the present #there isn’t a day that goes by when amelia doesn’t remember the feeling of cheerios in her tines #possessing her #not a day that goes by when claire doesn’t remember the way milkstiel filled her and gave her purpose #RELATE ALL THINGS TO NOVAK ANGST #meanwhile dean’s covered in syrup and milk just weeping quietly as he rolls into the now-empty syrup cup #‘cas’ he whispers #but there is no answer #oh no I suddenly made myself sad #🙁

callowyn: #SCREECH #I CANNOT WITH THIS #BREAKFASTVERSE #meanwhile #the hash browns and sausage that chuck dropped earlier are still duking it out under the table #they’ve been clashing flavors for years #chuck does not know why he keeps buying this brand #neither the hash browns nor the sausage pay any mind to the tiny clementine that’s trapped with them #but the clementine would much rather have that than the way it was when the salt was down here too #oh no adam feels 🙁 #THINGSTIEL#WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

thegeminisage: i keep wanting to reblog this in its entirety to have it on m blog but it keeps growing and skdfjghsdlkfjg

rubato: #oh god #poor adam #that little abandoned clementine #no but who’s the hash brown and who’s the sausage #is michael the sausage because he’s a dick? #or is lucifer the dick? #hmm#interesting question #because it depends on how you interpret the narrative #and who you believe is right: the one who follows orders; or the one who cleaves his own path #but let’s go back to adam because ADAM #the little baby clementine #no but see but he’s the clementine #the only fruit #filled with vitamin c #for CIVILIAN #he didn’t deserve to be dragged into all of this #all he wanted was to be with momma grapefruit and just LIVE HIS DAMN LIFE #but he was dragged into this war #innocent bystander #and now he has to pay the price #my poor baby clementine #you deserved better

crowleyshouseplant: #omfg i cannot #in the morning becky cleans up chuck’s mess #no more googly eyes on his favorite pancakes #she paints mouths on them with syrup and honey #she figures they might have a thing or two to say to their god #thingstiel is the best fandom

rubato: #oh no #just when I thought the feels ended #now there are agency feels #and becky feels #and fuck the canon feels #is it too early to start subverting breakfastverse #what if we had gluten-free pancakes instead of these #what if milkstiel were soymilkstiel #what if sugarfree leviathans #what if vegan butter!anna #subvert the canon #there is no reason why table salt can’t be kosher salt or sea salt #there is no reason why dean can’t be a cage-free egg #OH GOD #BUT DEAN *IS* A CAGE-FREE EGG #BECAUSE HE WAS NEVER IN THE CAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE #oh no I’m making myself have feels over subverted breakfast foods #what is happening #add mouths to all the breakfast foods #make them all vegan and gluten-free #KEVIN TRAN’S BREAKFAST TBH (let’s pretend dean!egg isn’t there) #AHHHHHHHHH #THIS IS KEVIN LOOKING DOWN AT THIS NEW WORLD THAT HE’S NOW INVOLVED IN #I CAN’T #I CAN’T!!!

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