I used to be extremely active on Tumblr. I used the platform as a journal and digital scrapbook, and the conversations about identity, experience, and social justice shaped much of my ideology now.

Although I was in a Ph.D. program for most of the time I was on Tumblr, I found Tumblr to be more radical, insightful, and decolonial than anything I got in the ivory tower.

A lot of my published work traces back to ideas I developed on the platform and the conversations I had with other multiply marginalized people about decolonization, narrative choices, and how to tell stories that are conscious of the real-world contexts they grow from.

Some of my Tumblrs are private, as I used them to process very personal things. Those backups will remain locked and are indicated with a lock icon ().

Imports, attribution, and removal

I am currently in the process of importing all the various Tumblrs I had over a decade. Completed imports have mirrors of all posts from Tumblr and tags for navigation.

I have NOT backed up multi-author Tumblrs, except for His Dark Book Club, which is public and majority my own posts.

All content not authored by me was publicly available at the time of Tumblr import, and/or had a local copy on my Tumblr.

Due to the way Tumblr is set up, it is impossible for someone to delete or attribute a post after it has been propagated, and Tumblr doesn’t store authors, so there is no way for me to trace the original post in most cases.

That said, if you have posts in my backup that you’d like me to remove, or credit you would like me to add, please contact me and I will accommodate your request.

Completed imports

Chromatic Dieselpunk

urban, industrial, diesel, 1900s-1940s, people of color, cultures of color

Because dieselpunk is too damn White. Collects real historical imagery of and by people of color and fiction that includes people of color in dieselpunk.

March 24, 2013–February 25, 2016

Monolid Makeup

showcasing fantastic makeup on those of us without a visible eyelid crease.

I was tired of makeup tutorials assuming I had a crease to put eyeshadow on. Gathers photos and tutorials.

July 25, 2012–June 1, 2016


angels & demons / family & trust / diaspora & americana

The one where everyone in Supernatural is Chinese. Contains recasts and fanwork.

November 17, 2013–December 7, 2013

brown eyes are gorgeous

because people's collective obsession with blue eyes is boring. brown eyes and black eyes are glorious!

I got tired of internalized eurocentrism and collected photos of people with gorgeous brown eyes. Tumblr icon is a selfie of my own brown eyes.

December 30, 2012–January 1, 2015

fuck yeah! thingstiel

castiel, in any vessel but a human one

Subfandom of Supernatural wherein Castiel can take anything as his vessel. Collects fanworks where Castiel is anything except human.

May 30, 2012–December 22, 2013

worlds & ’verses

a scrapbook for me to collect primarily visual inspiration

Scrapbook for collecting imagery and snippets. Many of the aesthetics that eventually appeared in In the Watchful City can be traced back to here.

January 6, 2012–November 18, 2013

His Dark Book Club

A tumblr book club 😀

Partially completed read of The Golden Compass as a Tumblr book club.

February 6, 2014–March 9, 2014

Imports in progress

  • not-rubato

    Original Tumblr. Renamed after migration to retain backup. 20,000+ posts.

  • rubato

    Second Tumblr, started fresh. Will be merged together with not-rubato. 10,000+ posts.

  • justmonsterthings

    Relatable posts for monsters. <150 posts.

  • ivmvmnt

    Private journal for processing personal intersectional identity. <150 posts.

  • xenoamorist

    Fanworks blog. <100 posts.

  • headspaceheartspace

    Private journal for processing mental illness. <100 posts.

  • sqiouyilu

    Microfiction responses to photos and art. <50 posts.

  • hellothinmint

    Thin Mint’s Tumblr. <50 posts.

  • televisionpalettes

    Color palettes hand-picked from television stills. <50 posts.

  • soundpalettes

    Color palettes hand-curated to capture my synaesthetic experiences of music. <25 posts.

  • paintallthenails

    Nail art gallery. <25 posts.

  • worldenglishes

    Posts on Englishes outside the inner circle. <25 posts.

  • likesmallworlds

    Private sex journal. <25 posts.

  • lizardthroat

    Early scrapbook for what is now the Aurei universe. 4 posts.

  • urged-to-utterance

    I was going to collect poetry here, but there's just two Li-young Lee poems. 2 posts.

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