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Tiankyo is the capital of the five islands that make up the Skylands. Long a colonial capital, its power has since shrunk after the dissolution of the duarchy and creation of a federated state. History This timeline covers the events chronicled in the epistolary story “The Sky and Everything Under” in In the Watchful City….

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The Ohio State University

Semester dates are approximate. 2012-08-01 Enrolled in PhD program Graduate Arts and SciencesLinguistics Major Susan Huntington Dean’s Distinguished University Fellowship 2012-08-01 Autumn 2012 Courses taken: CHINESE 6380 Introduction to Chinese LinguisticsLING 5101 Phonetic Theory– Field Language Report: Anhui Feixi MandarinLING 5201 Syntactic Theory 1– Syntactic properties of the construction “I can’t”LING 5601 Introduction to Sociolinguistics–…

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