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the zodiac as IPA symbols


A NEW ZODIAC BASED ON IPA SYMBOLS: because I am procrastinating on an essay ARIESMarch 21–April 19 ejective velar stop/kʼ/ aggressively audible often happens in english when people are speaking enthusiastically, especially in valley girls so h*ckin pushy with ur airstream that you made a sound most anglophones don’t know exist TAURUSApril 20–May 20 schwa/ə/…

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Pasta Phonetics Demo

You will need a box of straight spaghetti, a roll or two of tape, and some paper for people to tape their pasta to.

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芜湖语 Wuhu Dialect

Presentation containing fieldwork analyzing phonology and tone contours of Wuhu Mandarin.

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Field Language Report: Anhui Feixi Mandarin

For my field language report, I investigated a dialect of Chinese spoken in Feixi County, China. This dialect is similar to a number of other Chinese dialects, and the final consonant inventory that I derived does align with that of other Chinese dialects, including Mandarin.

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RhythmTools.pl: Automating measurements to facilitate analysis of speech rhythm

This experiment, and other experiments that target speech rhythm, produce a large number of files that need to be measured in a consistent manner. Although the script is not equipped to make automatic measurements of utterance and vowel boundaries, it is still able to automate a significant portion of the calculations in a consistent man- ner, thereby reducing the amount of human labor and human error. In particular, the script automatically calculates syllable duration based on vowel length, formants for each vowel, and the PVI for each utterance. The script works in conjunction with information from Praat and rewrites the information along with the output of each calculation into comma-separated value (CSV) files that can be read into other programs for further analysis.

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