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on mastodon and its drawbacks

(1/34) look y’all, I got many mastodon accounts, but if you’ll follow on mastodon, follow @[email protected], a mastodon without a fifth glyph (2/34) </oulipo> anyway, this is fucking why mastodon is never going to be my main home, 3 of the 6 instances I signed up for in 2017 are now defunct, it is FAR,…

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some initial thoughts on twitter’s acquisition

on elon musk’s success in constructing a cosmological framework originally tweeted on November 3, 2022 (1/20) I think more people need to realize that elon fanboys don’t see him as a public figure, elon fanboys see him as a christlike savior in a new martian prosperity gospel, and logic does not work against christ (2/20)…

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MIGRATING TO THE MOVIES by Jacqueline Stewart

Migrating to the Movies provides a fascinating, multifaceted account of the representation of Black people in preclassical cinema, the way cinema impacted and was impacted by Black life, Black viewers, and Black producers, and the way cinema reflected and was affected by the state of race relations during its time. The analysis is thorough and provides a deep understanding of an underacknowledged aspect of Black life and history.

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