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on rape culture and how we talk about men

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whenever men are outed as harassers there’s always the subsequent conversation of "well how am I supposed to approach women then," and, disregarding the people who are just there to be dicks, I find that so many people on the left don’t dive deeper into that reply because what I hear when men say that…

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on the nature of himbos

a himbo is not defined by the presence or absence of "intelligence." a himbo is defined by his gullibility. he is pure of heart and so optimistic about others that he is naïve. he trusts what he is told, leading to hilariously misconstrued situations—that he handles with grace the himbo may be painted as a…

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on m/m and the female gaze

pinches bridge of nose the male gaze on f/f content is not the same as the female gaze on m/m content, can we stop pretending they’re completely equivalent yes, both can be fetishistic, but that’s… a part of sexual and romantic gaze in general? patriarchy and misogyny really unbalance the scales here the more interesting…

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femme is not compliance

I’ve been having complicated feelings about gender and how I, as a nonbinary femme person, fit into women’s spaces and women’s narratives. I’ve previously identified as a woman, but I haven’t been identifying that way for the past couple of years at least. Yet I’m read by the world as a cis woman, and that…

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stop ma’aming me

I know you’re being polite, but: stop ma’aming me stop calling me a lady or a gal or a girl stop assuming that I’m a woman stop referencing me with she/her pronouns How I experience gender is separate from how I present myself physically. Gender is invisible, and, the more comfortable I am in understanding my…

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