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on unfucking firefly

every once in a while, I finally make my peace with firefly again, only for some white person to say they’d reboot the franchise and my soul just starts scREAMING WITH HOW I, A CHINESE-AMERICAN, WOULD REIMAGINE FIREFLY AS A SINO DIASPORA NARRATIVE, SPACE WESTERN? how about how chinese people once made up a quarter…

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The syntax and semantics of Chinese classifiers

Bare nouns are nouns that have not been modified by quantifiers or determiners. In English, bare nouns may co-occur with numerals or quantifiers to indicate quantity of the noun…


However, in other languages, such as Chinese, bare nouns typically require classifiers (CL), sometimes called measure words, to intervene before the bare noun…

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芜湖语 Wuhu Dialect

Presentation containing fieldwork analyzing phonology and tone contours of Wuhu Mandarin.

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The interlanguage of L1 Chinese speakers learning English as a second language

In this paper, I will survey research from a variety of different linguistic subfields on characteristics of L2 English from adult L1 Chinese speakers. I will provide an overview of various phonological, morphological, syntactic, and pragmatic features of Chinese-English interlanguage. Although there may be variation between individuals in the realization of this interlanguage (see Rau et al. 2009 for a variationist approach to individual variation in the interlanguage), as well as variation depending on the type of L1 Chinese and type of L2 English, this survey should still provide some broad characteristics of Chinese-English interlanguage.

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