In the Watchful City (audiobook)

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Anima closes ær eyes and sees the world.

Cut off from the rest of the world by choice, the city of Ora relies on heavy surveillance of its people and surroundings to maintain order. Anima is one of the extrasensory humans tasked with running the city. Even if it means never leaving the Hub, Anima is content with ær job, as it offers ær a direct connection to the Gleaming, a powerful network that spans the globe and connects all things. Then, a mysterious figure named Vessel enters Ora without going through one of the border gates. Se offers Anima the chance to look at ser cabinet of curiosities from around the world in exchange for a memento of ær own. Instead of turning ser in to the authorities, Anima, who has never seen the world outside Ora, accepts Vessel’s offer. But as æ learns the story behind each item, Anima realizes that the rest of the world isn’t like Ora and begins to doubt ær role in enforcing the city’s rules. As events collide, Anima is left with one question that destabilizes everything ae knows: What good is a city if it can’t protect its people?

“[A] hallucinatory, entrancing tale the likes of which readers have not seen before[.]” —Jonathan Strahan, editor at Tordotcom Publishing

“A wild, wonderful, dizzying ride I didn’t want to end. The worldbuilding is as intricate and intoxicating as the characters are wrenchingly alive. In the Watchful City trumpets the arrival of a major new talent.” —Sam J. Miller, Nebula-Award-winning author of BLACKFISH CITY and THE ART OF STARVING

“Stories within stories, possibilities within impossibilities: In the Watchful City is half-tapestry, half-menagerie, adding up to an intricate, transcendent fantasy.” —Chuck Wendig, NYT-Bestselling Author of WANDERERS, BLACKBIRD, ZER0ES

“An intricately nested cyberpunk story that perfectly represents the best of the genre while exploring entirely new territory—of tradition, power, rebellion, connection, and the aching responsibility that accompanies omniscience or at least omnipresence. Every character will leave their individual mark on your heart.” —Premee Mohamed, author of BENEATH THE RISING and A BROKEN DARKNESS

“IN THE WATCHFUL CITY is piercing and precise, threading grief and joy through your heart as it examines the ties that bind people to one another. Its lyrical prose and memorable characters echo long after the last page is turned.” —Andrea Stewart, author of THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER

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