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Date & Time June 1, 2022 • 9:00 am–10:30am
Duration 90 minutes total
Manuscript time n/a
Worked on Draft Draft 0
Related planning

– Reviewed scratch paper ideas.
– Performed Wild Unknown read.
– Performed Tarot of the Divine read.
– Performed Botanica/Guanyin Oracle hybrid Tree of Life read.
– Untangling core crux scene.


Wordcount Starting 2254
Ending 2254
Location Home
Devices not recorded

Wild Unknown Archetypes read for themes of today’s work

Wild Unknown Archetypes read

The Ring

The Eternal Child

This deck is really out to make me cry, isn’t it? Message: Jump in. Do not fear the pain. Offer yourself, channel the cyclic nature of humanity and history, and imagine a better way. Care for yourself so you don’t fall into the burnout of the eternal child.

Tarot of the Divine read for beginning, middle, end structure of today’s first scene

Tarot of the Divine read
Devil – ego, greed, addiction, violence, controversy, strange experiences

Six of swords (reversed) – feeling trapped, instability, canceled travel, abuse, unresolved issues

Knight of coins (reversed) – impatience, apathy, irresponsibility, anxiety

Interpretation: I mean, Jesus, I don’t expect this book to be easy to write, but all these tarot spreads are so dismal 😩 all righty then I guess!! YOLO!! This is pointing me to the scene where Ahosabai and Käntu have a misunderstanding and Ahosabai goes off to be some brash hothead; I still don’t know the shape or crux of that scene, but I guess I’ll have to untangle that? Maybe with another tarot read?? I swear this isn’t procrastination. I do have fish sticks in the toaster oven ready for me when I’m done though, and a read takes just about 15 minutes before break time…

Tree of life Botanica read for scene crux with Guanyin da’at

Reference: https://marykgreer.com/2008/11/25/practical-tree-of-life-spread/

Botanica & Guanyin - Cross
1. Force – 3 of swords – bleeding heart – heartbreak (omg on the nose) – What has hurt you emotionally? What do you regret?

2. Form – 2 of swords – sugar kelp – equilibrium – Have you achieved balance in your life? Are you becoming complacent? (on the nose again for a turning point omg)

3. For – 6 of cups – buttercups – childish detachment – What brings you unfettered joy? What are you not letting go? (buttercups pretty and associated with children’s games but are still poisonous)

4. Against – 5 of cups – lily of the valley – independence – Are you avoiding something that could lead to growth? (omg exactly)

5. Feelings – The Empress (are you kidding me) – magnolia – wealth, overflowing creativity (srsly omg) – Do you have a creative outlet, and are you expressing yourself through it? Or are you using it purely as distraction? (Ahosabai submerged in the Grotto and tongueforging)

6. Thoughts – Strength – ironwood – fortitude (omg) – Are you focusing on your inner strength? Are you trampling the people trying to support you? (omg yes)

7. World (possessions and body) – The Chariot – nasturtium – triumph, willpower, success – victory, control – Are you heading toward victory? Are you making enemies along the way? (interesting for this to be in already possessed, or physical manifestations)

8. Persona (everyday self and how you present yourself) – 7 of coins – anemone – forward growth and change – anemone represents air and change – Is the wind of change blowing your way? Are you feeling restless? (transformation, turbulence)

9. Advice – 2 of wands – snapdragon – boldness, belief in self – flowers that have a voice (!!) – Are you speaking too loudly without listening? Is your voice not being heard? (Ahosabai articulating things that have remained in nonverbal space?)

10. Spirit (morality or personal growth related to issue) – ace of wands – hawthorn – good luck, hope – fertility (heh, fitting for prelude to sex scene) – Are you on the precipice of new success? What brings you luck? (excellent, the trajectory I was feeling)

11. Da’at (shadow knowledge) – (16) Maiden Ma Gu – goddess of spring and healing – “the challenge will be that we can arise from this darkness” – “have faith and keep growing” – delve within to find shadow (wow ok) – judgment of others ← this is the secret crux I think—ahosabai judging käntu for something and bouncing before the full picture or understanding—what is growing within that’s driving this judgment of others? card also indicates that a creative project is coming together—whew!! I hope so!! be guided by the more whole and complete you!!

Interpretation: Yeah, more involved spread, but it definitely reflects the trajectory of how the scene’s been shaping up in my mind, and I have a few starting points to work with (what exactly does Ahosabai get upset over? that will define the course of the entire thing that drives Ahosabai to drown in work and isolation). Was intimidated, now excited to explore!!

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