Speculative fiction writer, translator, and editor


Date & Time May 31, 2022 • 2:15 pm–3:40pm
Duration 85 minutes total
Manuscript time 20 minutes manuscript time
Worked on Draft Draft 0
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– Performed read with Yokai Yochi Tarot. Pretty bleak, but my conclusion is: don’t be afraid to feel the pain.
– Determined sociolinguistic status of Ahosabai, Käntu, Iboshi, Amardeep, and Shadarev’s languages. (pg. 22–23)
– Sketched out the Grotto. (pg. 66–67)
– Began drafting scene with Iboshi’s family—loose screenplay-like notes.
– Realized I’m gonna have to creolize my own languages to come up with dialogue in Dock Creole, lol. Whoops.

Divination, Worldbuilding – Linguistics, Worldbuilding – Settings

Wordcount Starting 1177
Ending 1302
Difference 125
Location Arlington Garden
Devices not recorded
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