Speculative fiction writer, translator, and editor


Date & Time May 30, 2022 • 1:40 pm–3:30pm
Duration 110 minutes total
Manuscript time 60 minutes manuscript time
Worked on Draft Draft 0
Related planning

– Performed Guanyin Oracle read
– Performed Wild Unknown Archetypes read
– Added 572 very questionable words and false starts to the manuscript, but at least words now exist in the thing (60 min)
– Zero draft notes for what scene 1 will cover


Wordcount Starting
Ending 572
Difference 572
Location Home
Devices not recorded

Guanyin Oracle

Two cards to explore duality and set the tone for work.

Guanyin Oracle
29. Sound the Fierce Flute – discernment; trust your choices
27. Sisters of the Star Blossoms – know when to engage group energy and when to remain solo

Interpretation: Affirms that writing retreat and defending my time is a good choice.

Wild Unknown Archetypes

Three cards to set tone of prose.

Archetypes draw
58. The Nectar – pava; æthergen; healing energy
25. The Healer – both me as writer but also Ahosabai as character
42. The Empty Room – the Grotto; absence; the void; possibility; creation
The Nectar
The Healer
Cool to see “eir” as something to explore 🤔
The Empty Room

Interpretation: This may be a book about genocide, assimilation, and cultural loss, but it’s also a story driven by hope and healing, by compassion. Seeing the cards made me tear up; it was an affirmation that even if I don’t feel like I’m ready, I can do this.

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