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Date & Time June 3, 2022 • 10:00 am–10:45am
Duration minutes total
Manuscript time n/a
Worked on Draft Draft 0
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– Typed up translation of “Zhurong on Mars” both because I need to digitize and complete it, and also to warm up my fingers for lots of typing today. Typed up 2,807 words in about 45 minutes, for roughly 62 wpm, which is a decent benchmark for speed when I have minimal interference with words coming out (I can type faster but prose tends to slow it down). That means, if I have uninterrupted flow, I could complete 6,000 words of writing in two hours. Now time to take a quick break and write real words on my manuscript!!!!!!

Wordcount Starting 4717
Ending 4717
Location Home
Devices not recorded
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