Speculative fiction writer, translator, and editor


Date & Time June 3, 2022 • 7:15 pm–8:30pm
Duration 75 minutes total
Manuscript time n/a
Worked on Draft Draft 0
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– Mixed Archetypes/Botanica/Guanyin read to untangle specifics of Ahosabai’s fall into the Abyss.


Wordcount Starting 7151
Ending 7151
Location Home
Devices not recorded

14. Ahosabai’s descent. Fuck me, the die just wants me to do the hard shit, huh. Fair.

Combining Archetypes for aesthetic/metaphysical vibe, Botanica for subliminal vibes, and Guanyin oracle (inverted) as the fail of self-compassion.

Grotto lighting and music to get into the right metaphysical plane.

I tried putting my bloodstone pyramid on the stone card and it fit eerily perfect, so from there I felt compelled to add symbolic objects and now feel as if I have performed powerful magic, really not used to this. I need to power through the last couple days with words, so I’m leaving the spread in place overnight to encourage myself to jump in tomorrow morning when I see the magic by sunlight. I really didn’t expect the spread to engage and pull up with so much trauma that I didn’t think was connected to this narrative, but it makes sense. Unearth the pain, the scar, and the story has teeth and life now.

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