Speculative fiction writer, translator, and editor


Date & Time June 3, 2022 • 5:55 pm–6:30pm
Duration 35 minutes total
Manuscript time 15 minutes manuscript time
Worked on Draft Draft 0
Related planning

– Did Archetypes read for setting vibe.
– Did mixed read for horny vibes.
– Quick sketch of scene drafted.

Wordcount Starting 6603
Ending 7151
Difference 548
Location Home
Devices not recorded

rolled 7 but need to write meeting in 6 to do 7

(write ahosabai käntu meet scene—do a card draw—archetypes until you have a location and an object, discard all people and concept cards. no need to shuffle, just draw)

Archetypes - ten

dude they totally meet at a dorohedoro-vibes BDSM club. I can feel it lmao. gonna mix cowboy tarot and yokai yochi for horny vibes and guanyin oracle for emotional vibe underneath

Mixed read

OH IT’S SO HORNY I LOVE IT. I laughed at the autumn harvest card bc my name is “autumn grace,” and I love that the card is like “GIVE THANKS FOR THIS BLESSING, THIS BLISS,” it’s so horny, I love it so much. and now, words.

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