Rights Available

This page serves as a reference for anyone interested in buying rights to my work, including those that have not yet been published. Unless otherwise noted, print and electronic rights are both included. If you are interested in licensing my work or finding out whether audio, translation, and other rights are available, please email me at s@qiouyi.lu.

Table of Contents

  1. First Publication Rights
    1. Available
      1. Fiction
      2. Poetry
      3. Translations
    2. Sold
      1. Translations
  2. Reprint/Second Serial Rights
    1. Available
    2. Pending Exclusivity Expiration
  3. Illustration and Photography

First Publication Rights



  1. “A Death Made Manifold.” Short story, 6,400 words. Weird western, secondary world, light m/m, Chinese and Mexican characters, necromancy.
  2. “As Dark As Hunger.” First electronic rights only; story has previously been printed in Black Static #72. Dark fantasy, secondary world, f/f, diaspora, mermaids.
  3. “Heart-Scar Heather.” Flash fiction, 950 words. Contemporary horror, ghosts.
  4. “Overflow.” Short story, 1,500 words. Contemporary fantasy, Wen siblings Supernatural-but-make-it-about Chinese-Americans universe, character with PTSD.
  5. “This House Is Full of Faith.” Short story, 2,900 words. Contemporary fantasy, f/f, character with PTSD.


  1. “after cut-sleeve.” Poem, 5 lines. Mainstream.
  2. “annihilation.” Poem, 43 lines. Contemporary dark fantasy.
  3. “baby, let me be your ride (you know I’m your boy).” Poem, 24 lines. Erotica.
  4. “Budapest.” Poem, 137 lines. Spy, thriller, narrative.
  5. “I could watch him unfold.” Poem, 14 lines. Mainstream.
  6. “if you asked me to trace my history, I might tell you:” Poem, 68 lines. Mainstream.
  7. “lengua.” Poem, 4 lines. Mainstream.
  8. “mecha visits little tokyo.” Poem, 27 lines. Slipstream.
  9. “qi.” Poem, 15 lines. Mainstream.
  10. “states of matter.” Poem, 11 lines. Mainstream.
  11. “To Dean Winchester | From a Busty Asian Beauty.” Poem, 48 lines. Mainstream, erotica.
  12. “when I see my body shop lean and tall against the horizon, I wonder:” Poem, 38 lines. Mainstream.


  1. “A Feast With No Name.” Translation of 《无名盛宴》 by Tang Fei (糖匪). Slipstream, fantasy, Old Shanghai. Novel. Sample chapter available.
  2. “The Light of the City.” Translation of 《城市之光》 by Rafaela Yilun Fan (范轶伦). Future science fiction, cyborgs, dance. Novelette. Sample available.
  3. “Parasite.” Translation of 《宿主》 by Cheng Jingbo (程婧波). Contemporary science fiction, epilepsy, road trip, missing person. Novella. In progress.
  4. “The Scent of Memory.” Translation of 《记忆之香》 by Zhao Haihong (赵海虹). Contemporary science fiction, memory modification. Short story. Complete.


First Publication Rights have been sold for the following pieces, which are now in progress. Completed pieces with rights sold are listed under Publications.


  1. “End of the Microcosmos.” Translation of 《微观尽头》 by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣). Hard science fiction. Short story.
  2. “Whalesong.” Translation of 《鲸歌》 by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣). Contemporary science fiction. Short story.
  3. Jingheng Street. Translation of 《景恒街》by Di An (笛安). Mainstream, romance. Novel.
  4. Lose Control. Translation of 《失控》 by Zhang Zhen (张震). Thriller. Novel.

Reprint/Second Serial Rights

Unless otherwise noted, anthology and excerpt rights are also available for these pieces. For further details on each piece, please refer to my CV.


  1. “An Abundance of Fish.” 800 words. Fiction.
  2. “A Complex Filament of Light.” 3,400 words. Fiction.
  3. “As Dark As Hunger.” 7,400 words. Fiction.
  4. “bosque.” 6 lines. Poem.
  5. “Children of the Geese.” 32 lines. Poetry.
  6. “Curiosity Fruit Machine.” 700 words. Fiction.
  7. “Double-Edged.” 590 words. Fiction.
  8. “Th Fifth Lttr.” 900 words. Fiction.
  9. “Flashover.” 45 lines. Poetry.
  10. “Her Sacred Spirit Soars.” 5,400 words. Fiction.
  11. “Inside the Ironheart.” 170 words. Poetry.
  12. “Introduction to the Journal of Interplanetary Lycan Studies, Volume 1, Issue 1.” 900 words. Fiction.
  13. “The Lies You Learned.” 118 lines. Poetry.
  14. “Mother Tongues.” 3,700 words. Fiction.
  15. “My Gender Is Classified.” 4,400 words. Fiction.
  16. “Parallax.” 8 lines. Poetry.
  17. “Particularities.” 10 lines. Poetry.
  18. “The Person Who Saw Cetus” by Tang Fei. 5,500 words. Translation. Joint rights held with author.
  19. “肉骨茶 (Meat Bone Tea).” 16 lines. Poetry.
  20. “The Shapeshifter Unraveled.” 980 words. Fiction.
  21. “Someone’s Checking You Out Right Now!” 1,000 words. Fiction.
  22. “Speechless Love” by Yilun Fan. 2,400 words. Joint rights held with author.

Pending Exclusivity Expiration

  1. “Anything Resembling Love.” 5,500 words. Fiction. Exclusivity expires April 29, 2021.
  2. “At Your Dream’s Edge.” 1,900 words. Fiction. Exclusivity expires on February 13, 2020.
  3. “Fat, And.” 2,000 words. Creative nonfiction. Exclusivity expires on March 24, 2021.
  4. “Spilling Salt Into the Sea.” 3,300 words. Fiction. Exclusivity expires upon publication.
  5. “they would have us disappear.” 27 lines. Poetry. Exclusivity expires upon publication.
  6. “Where a Heart Would Fit Perfectly.” 4,200 words. Fiction. Exclusivity terms pending contract.
  7. “Where There Are Cities, These Dissolve Too.” 7,400 words. Fiction. Exclusivity expires upon publication.
  8. “Your Luminous Heart, Bound in Red.” 7,500 words. Fiction. Exclusivity expires one year after publication.

Illustration and Photography

One-time commercial and non-commercial licenses are available for all illustrations and photographs posted on this site, with the exception of design samples. Please email me at s@qiouyi.lu to discuss scope and rates.