Big Ideas: A Planner for Creatives

Big Ideas is a modular planner intended for creatives, especially writers of speculative fiction. It combines disability-centered worksheet pages and planner templates for project management.

Available sheets: Please note that these are low-resolution, web-quality previews of the pages. You can download accessible, scalable PDFs above.

2020 Calendar

2021 Calendar

Story Seeds

Goals vs. Milestones

Five-Year Plan

Project Card: Short Fiction

Project Card: Fanfiction

Word Count Calculator

Daily To-Do List

Annual Deadline Calendar (2020)

Annual Deadline Calendar (2021)

Annual Deadline Calendar (blank)

Invoice Tracker

88 Self-Care Ideas

To be added:

  • Project cards for other formats
  • Task Breakdown Worksheet
  • Finding Your Workload Limits Worksheet
  • …and more!

Feel free to contact me with planner sheet ideas and feedback. Enjoy!