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  •  . Look how close Marianne is to being finished making The Lonely and the Rum for Dragonstairs Press! There in the center is number 2 of […]
  •  . Five members of a trade union for speech therapists have been arrested in Hong Kong… for conspiring to publish children's books. This must be condemned by […]
  •  . Look what came in the mail! Centipede Press's boxed hardcover set of Philip K. Dick's first three novels, The Cosmic Puppets, Dr. Futurity, and Vulcan's […]
  • . Guess what just arrived in the mail!  It's the new Centipede Press hardcover edition of The Swords of Lankhmar. This is the fifth volume of […]
  •  .0 About a month and a half ago, I was interviewed by Luba Lapina for the Sunrise Literature Discussion Club in Moscow. It is their practice […]
  •  . My story "Dreadnought," which is a very bleak one indeed, received the cover for the July-August issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. […]
  • . Yesterday, I reserved my hotel room for Discon III. And that put me in mind of the first and only time I was on a […]
  •  .Some time ago in The New York Review of Science Fiction, I created an occasional series of what I called Singular Interviews: a single question […]
  •  . Tim Miller, the co-creator of Love Death + Robots, has arranged a kind of gift for its fans: an anthology from Cohesion Pres of all […]
  •  . I've just been informed by the good folks at Open Road Media that the e-book of my novel, Jack Faust, will be on sale for […]
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  • Happy August, y’all!
  • Hanging from a tree like a sloth is a bandersnatch’s preferred mode of transportation! See you in August!
  • In case you forgot that they were running around a strange impossible woodland, let’s take a look!
  • Jimmy is shocked that anyone stood up to him. He’s used to just yelling and whining until he gets what he wants. In other news: […]
  • Happy July! I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say about the comic at the moment, but I hope you’re enjoying it! Look at little […]
  • Hey Jimmy they can HEAR YOU. How are y’all doing? Are you staying cool? I’m not. I live in the Heat Dome now. My dog […]
  • Sometimes you gotta name yourself if you weren’t given a name. It’s almost the end of June!! And that means that the Patreon Pin Club […]
  • Jimmy is always impressed by trickery, even if he’s the victim. He’s still mad, though. It’s June!! And that means that the Patreon Pin Club […]
  • Lorne hasn’t had much experience with speciesism in the mythical community yet, meanwhile: nobody is paying attention to Jimmy. It’s June!! And that means that […]
  • It’s June!! And that means that the Patreon Pin Club is open to new members all month!! Pledge during June and stay on thru August […]