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  • Horizontally oriented page. (Image to the left of Rio's face. Below, a survey is completely filled out with the response, "Strong Agree" to the following […]
  • T.K.: Roll for Intelligence. (Image to the left of 2d20 rolling the intelligence check, resulting in 21 and 12 after mods.) Ernik succeeds, but Tally […]
  • Tally: "Yes. A patron picked a fight with me." R.K.: A FUCKING PATRON PICKED A FIGHT WITH YOU? ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU PICKED THE […]
  • Ernik nods. "Yeah, we should get supplies." Tally: "I'm thinking oil." "Yes, we should burn their ship to prevent them from escaping," says Ernik. (Image […]
  • "Ah," says rio. "Ex-pirates…that explains the getup." He gestures to their costumes. "We kind of…got kicked from the crew," explains Tally. Rio: "That makes sense," […]
  • Rio: "His name is Hunchy Dan, and his dog's name is Punk Fop." R.K.: FUUUUUCK DM WHY E.K.: FUck (Image to right of DJ Khaled […]
  • E.K.: Hold on. Are we still wearing our pirate disguises? T.K.: Yes. R.K.: WAIT SO I'M STILL IN MY FUCKING SPACK JARROW COSTUME T.K.: YUP. […]
  • "I would like that," sniffs Tigboe. Figg shoots a look at Spyro. Spyro turns away, his lips pulled into a tight line. "Come on down […]
  • "Listen you." Ozz grabs the grung by the throat. T.K.: Whoa. Roll a constitution check. (Image to the right of a d20 rolling 19 with […]
  • K'ermit: "You're getting very defensive." Ozz: "Your'e getting very accusatory," he snaps. K'ermit: "I'm not trying to b." Ozz leans in as close as he […]
  • Hmm something about this guy makes me think that he’s not very nice. Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for this quarter’s Patreon […]
  • Welcome back to Skin Deep! Thank you all for your patience as I worked on getting this chapter ready! I think y’all are gonna like […]
  • That’s right! Hiatus is over, baby! Next Tuesday, Chapter Five of Obverse and Reverse starts up! See you then! It’s September and that means the […]
  • At one point there was a whole “Third Cast” that I realized needed to be cut out of the story because it was already so […]
  • To be fair to Merial, any species that has The Beans gets this reaction from people who do not possess The Beans. It’s September and […]
  • “Medallions are wasted on that lot” is what a harpy or manticore might say about a Jellicle Cat. Why did they get them when there […]
  • Ceres Food Mart is where you go when you wanna buy most food in the Avalon! Although there are some restaurants and a few specialty […]
  • Sam’s been popular during this batch of Reader Questions! He’s put a lot of thought about how when he gets his fullform he’s gonna dye […]
  • Lots of cats this week! I admittedly haven’t done a lot of world building around what the Skin Deep world looks like outside of Europe […]
  • There are a number of mythical cats who, while being as intelligent as humans, have decided to pretend to be mundane cats around humans. Some […]