Olympic National Park / Mount Rainier (July 2012)

his wings are folded on your nest of boulders
—Roy Campbell, “Tristan da Cunha”
building gardens in the fire of god’s vacuity
—Tim Keane, “Arabesque”
the dark woods, singing with all my skin and bone
—Richard Siken, “Saying Your Names”
I would follow your soul as it leads
—Sara Teasdale, “I Would Live in Your Love”
then like a poison he drank the fondness of the years.
—Amrita Pritam, “Empty Space”
honey dripping down the bear’s face
—Eileen Myles, “The Honey Bear”
until its magic burns the wavering sea
—Denise Levertov, “The sea’s wash in the hollow of the heart…”
we come now to the space which is boy-shaped.
—Ann Darr, “At Sixteen”
searching for the hand that planted them
—David C. Hightower, “Invisible Houses”
touched like water burning bare skin.
—Anne Marie Macari, “Book One”
spell-bound in the small circle of his own light
—Sylvia Kantaris, “Body Language”
it is better to be happy for a moment and be burned up with beauty than to live a long time
—Don Marquis, “the lesson of the moth”