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This year has been rough. It’s the first time in my life I’ve held down a job for over a year, and a full-time, labor-intensive job to boot, where the only time I can sit down is on my breaks or lunch.

It’s hard to write when you’re working in the middle of a global recession, with staffing shortages due to COVID and continuing capitalist exploitation. Despite that, I’m making progress on my next novella for Tordotcom Publishing, Razing Babel, and I still did publish several things this year, just not original fiction.

Here’s what I did this year, divided by category:

Short Fiction

8 bylines / 13,704 words

  • From highest word count to lowest word count. All works published were translations. This year was my first time publishing translations from Spanish.

City Lights.” Translation of 《城市之光》 by Yilun Fan (范轶伦). Apex Magazine 129, March 2022. 7,500 words.

No One at the Wild Dock.” Translation of 《野渡无人》 by Gu Shi (顾适). Clarkesworld 184, January 2022. 6,100 words.

Energy Resources.” Translation of “Recursos energéticos” by Miguel Ángel López Muñoz. Constraint 280, March 3, 2022. 23 words.

Luxury Goods.” Translation of “Artículo de lujo” by Miguel Ángel López Muñoz. Constraint 280, March 3, 2022. 18 words.

Space Engineering.” Translation of “Ingeniería espacial” by Miguel Ángel López Muñoz. Constraint 280, March 3, 2022. 18 words.

A Minor Slip-Up.” Translation of “Pequeño depiste” by Miguel Ángel López Muñoz. Constraint 280, March 3, 2022. 17 words.

The Chosen One.” Translation of “El Elegido” by Miguel Ángel López Muñoz. Constraint 280, March 3, 2022. 15 words.

Hope.” Translation of “Esperanza” by Miguel Ángel López Muñoz. Constraint 280, March 3, 2022. 13 words.


1 byline / 8 lines

  • Only one translation published this year.

8.” Translation of “8” by Miguel Ángel López Muñoz. Octavos, March 3, 2022. 8 lines.


1 byline / 5,500 words

🌟 Featured

This one’s more than just a review. It’s an overview of the term “cosmological framework,” plus a method for liberating one’s mind from dogma, drawing from Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and existential nihilism. If you’re going to nominate any of my works for an award, nominate this one.

Review of Everything Everywhere All At Once, 2022. Directed by Daniels (Daniel Kwan 關家永 & Daniel Scheinert), performances by Michelle Yeoh 楊紫瓊, Stephanie Hsu 許瑋倫, Ke Huy Quan 關繼威, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr. 岑勇康, James Hong 吳漢章, and Jamie Lee Curtis. July 4, 2022 from Strange Horizons. 5,500 words.

Related Works

3 bylines / 9,500+ words

  • My course “Cascade: An introduction to narrative math” (published as December Seas) was first online in 2021, but was taken offline and has been republished in December 2022.

Cascade: An introduction to narrative math.” 2021–present.

“Challenges of speculative translation.” Panelist. Relampeio Festival, August 20, 2022. With Regiane Winarski and Ursula Antunes, moderated by Juliane Vicente, translated by Kali de los Santos and Vanessa Guedes. Watch on YouTube.

Editing Roundtable.” Panelist. Stabbycon, February 1, 2022.

Best Fan Writer

My Twitter feed @sqiouyilu, where I frequently post longform threads on genre and craft, makes me eligible for Best Fan Writer. Also available as a searchable archive at s.qiouyi.lu/tweets, though the archive is currently incomplete as I work on importing it.

Community Service

3 bylines

Twitter Nest toolkit

  • Twitter’s acquisition has led to significant platform instability and a huge threat of data and community loss. This toolkit enables people to safeguard their Twitter data by migrating it to WordPress, and enables people to Tweet without the Twitter interface from that WordPress.

WisCon Anti-Abuse Team (AAT)

  • Rejoined AAT in an attempt to improve safety policies and methodologies for genre cons.

LGBTQ Writers in Schools classroom visit on behalf of Lambda Literary. Talk. Bard High School Early College, New York, NY, March 30, 2022.

I also reopened my Patreon.

Thanks so much for your consideration. It’s been a hard year for holding onto space in this industry, but I’m still trying. 💪🏼

Translations of my work

The original English versions of these works were published prior to 2022, but translations of them came out this year and are eligible for awards such as the Hugo, as well as their respective language’s awards.



Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

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