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I mentioned to @nicasiosilang that I once tried to explain intersectionality in Mandarin, but ended up with something along the lines of “the… the… feminism… but… more… [how do I say identities?]” To which Nicasio replied, “no no i love it, that on a tshirt: THE FEMINISM BUT MORE.” I had the supplies on hand and had made similar T-shirts before, so this one was born. 🙂

First, I designed the T-shirt by penciling in a text layout, taking measurements of the text I’d written, and drafting a pattern in Photoshop with all-caps Helvetica (because, as Roger says, all-caps Helvetica is TRUTH) to match those measurements as closely as possible.


Then, I numbered the letters from 1 through 4 because I wanted to alternate between four fabrics. I used my clear quilting ruler to take a rough measurement of the combined widths of the letters so I knew how much fabric and heat bond material I’d need.


I cut heat bond material to those measurements and attached them to the wrong side of the fabrics I was using. Then, I followed the outline of the letters I’d printed and painstakingly cut all the fabric out by hand with fabric scissors. :’) I literally hand-kerned the letters and ironed them onto the T-shirt following the heat bond package instructions. After that, I sewed around the edges of the letters to help them stay put through washes.

Final T-shirt. It’s so beautiful.
THE closeup
I learned through cutting out these letters that each limb of a capital E in Helvetica is a different length.
floral closeup
That floral fabric *-*
S closeup
The Helvetica S is also quite distinctive. It feels much more oval than other Ss.
B closeup
Cutting out the holes in the B was terrible 😐 X-acto knives don’t seem to do well on fabric.
M closeup
Thank goodness almost all the letters were straight lines. This O was the first curvy one I did, and it shows.
R closeup
Roger, nerd that he is, complimented me in particular on this R. I have to say that I’m really proud of it too. Not only for the pretty fabric, but for cutting out that teeny tiny almost-serif on the right leg.

I also followed this tutorial to add hand-crocheted lace edging to the sleeves. I had to change the width of the blanket stitch spacing to accommodate for my thinner thread, but, other than that, it was pretty straightforward. I also used black thread for the blanket stitch to make the edging look more seamless.

So cute!!

I love this shirt so much. Nicasio is the best for enabling me to do this. As I told Nicasio, the most wonderful things happen when people who make things and people who make people make things get together. 🙂

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Me and Adventure Time princesses in the Short North
Me and Adventure Time princesses in the Short North

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