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Sparkling Orange Blossom Lemonade

Hello world, and welcome to Mintly Life! I'll be posting recipes, DIY instructions, and other fun domestic stuff. Thanks to Iuri and Nao for encouraging me to start my own lifestyle blog. :)

This recipe has a couple of inspirations. First, about a week ago, I followed a recipe for gunpowder lemonade from Afro-Vegan by Bryant Terry, and the results were delicious. I love all kinds of lemonade, and the touch of mint from the mint syrup that the recipe called for was perfect. Then, yesterday, my friend Darlene explained the intricacies of craft beer to me and how craft beer tends to be more experimental than big-name beers. I realized I already had ingredients in my pantry to experiment with creating nonalcoholic craft sodas, and thus this recipe was born.

Sparkling Orange Blossom Lemonade

Serves 1
A refreshing sparkling lemonade with a hint of a floral finish.
orange blossoms

Total Time: 10 minutes

Estimated Cost: USD 10


Orange blossom syrup
1/2 cup orange blossom water (available at Middle Eastern markets)
1 cup white or cane sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp orange blossom syrup
1 cup sparkling water
ice cubes (optional)


small saucepan
wooden stirring spoon
mixing tool


Step 1: Make syrup
  1. In a small saucepan, combine the orange blossom water and sugar.
  2. Heat sugar and water over medium heat until sugar is dissolved.
  3. Allow syrup to cool.
Step 2: Make lemonade
  1. In a glass, combine ice cubes, lemon juice, and 2 tbsp of orange blossom syrup.
  2. Top off glass with sparkling water.
  3. Enjoy!

I like strong floral flavors, but if you want to soften the floral flavor, replace the 2 tbsp of orange blossom syrup with 1 tbsp orange blossom syrup and 1 tbsp simple syrup. (To create simple syrup, follow the ratio for orange blossom syrup, but substitute plain water for the orange blossom water.)

My favorite thing about creating my own sodas and drinks is that I can make it as sweet or unsweet as I want it to be. Plus, making my own sodas is way more affordable than buying fancy sodas from the store. I've also made rosewater syrup and plan on experimenting with that as well, although rose syrup tends to have a much more subtle flavor than orange blossom syrup. You can also play around with other flavors—mint, vanilla, basil; the possibilities are endless! :D Let me know in the comments how you liked this recipe and if you made your own variations.

(Featured image by Nan Palmero)

2 thoughts on “Sparkling Orange Blossom Lemonade”

    1. Definitely! Or a rose-flavored scone—the flavor turned out too subtle the last time I tried making one, but I think I’ll add more rose water next time and see how it turns out.

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Me and Adventure Time princesses in the Short North

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