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Mathematical! Skirt

Long time no update! I’ve been too lazy to update this blog and document DIY stuff in detail. I do post snapshots to my Instagram, so follow me there if you want more frequent pictures.

I recently applied the KonMari method to my townhouse. The good news is that everything is neat and organized, yay! The bad news is that I ended up donating almost all my skirts—because they didn’t fit me anymore, for the most part. I did keep a few skirts, but they’re mostly business casual skirts. Not really suitable for summer outside the office.

I dug up a beautiful floral fabric that I’ve been holding on to and got a couple yards of new fabric. I decided to make a pleated Adventure Time skirt first and pretty much replicated another skirt I got from the thrift store the other day.

S. wearing Adventure Time skirt
It’s surprisingly cold out today.

I made the skirt a tiiiiny bit too short, but, other than that, it’s perfect! Well, that and I might add some interfacing on the waistband area to make it a little less prone to folding over and wrinkling.

hem of mathematical skirt
Double-folded hems.

I took a lot more care on this skirt than I had on previous skirts, and it really showed in the final result. Much more polished than any other skirt I’ve made. Plus, getting a half-yard cutting mat (for half off!) really sped up cutting the fabric precisely.

invisible zipper
Spot the zipper!
unzipped invisible zipper

I actually found the invisible zipper way easier to work with than a regular zipper. For regular zippers, I end up basting them by hand—glue and tape methods don’t feel precise enough to me—but invisible zippers just need to be aligned to the seam, which can be done with pins.

invisible zipper stitches
The “universal” Coats & Clark invisible zipper foot didn’t fit on my machine, so, too impatient for my Brother foot to arrive, I ended up stitching the zipper by hand.

I’m going to get some research done today, and, as a reward to myself, I’m going to make a skirt out of the middle flower fabric. Hopefully it’ll be faster, since it’ll just be gathered instead of pleated (which took some more thinking and math).

skirt sketch
Sketch for the gathered skirt design. The sketch on the right was for this Adventure Time skirt.

See you all again soon!


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Me and Adventure Time princesses in the Short North
Me and Adventure Time princesses in the Short North

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