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Gathered Flower Skirt

Wardrobe expansion part two! I thought this fabric would lend itself nicely to a cute gathered skirt, and I wanted to learn how to add side pockets through this project. I also added interfacing to fabric for the first time, and the reinforcement really helped to keep the waistband smooth and flat.

gathered skirt
I am teeeeerrrible at smiling for pictures.

I didn’t pattern-match my fabric for the Adventure Time skirt—I’d already cut my fabric by the time I remembered to do that, and the Adventure Time skirt is offset on both axes, so the shift between panels isn’t noticeable. However, I remembered to pattern-match the fabric for this skirt, especially because the patterns are aligned on the y-axis.

pattern matching
I didn’t pattern match horizontally, especially because the gathers hide the seam, but I did along the vertical axis.

And of course—pockets!

I ended up accidentally aligning the pocket to the wrong measurement, which made the pocket more concealed.

I’m probably going to save the third skirt for later. I also recently ordered a gathering foot, which should make the last two pillowcases I’m making for my couch cushions much faster to sew. 🙂 More updates soon!

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Me and Adventure Time princesses in the Short North
Me and Adventure Time princesses in the Short North

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