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Tarot Decks

Tarot is a fantastic tool that I use in my storytelling process. These are the decks I’ve found the most useful.

Star Spinner Tarot

Art by Trung Lê Capecchi-Nguyễn

This deck by Trungles is intricate and evocative. Using classic Eastern and Western fairy tale imagery, the Star Spinner Tarot channels a gentle spirit of self-discovery.

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Tarot of the Divine

Art by Yoshi Yoshitani

This deck by Yoshi Yoshitani is what I wish I had when I first got into tarot. Instead of reinterpreting the traditional and often limited iconography of Rider-Waite and Morgan-Greer, Yoshitani collects folklore from a genuinely diverse and inclusive cross-section of cultures around the world to create vivid new imagery that nonetheless channels the familiar wisdom of tarot. The amount of research put into this deck shows through, proving that tarot does not have to culturally appropriate or misrepresent living cultures to have mystique.

Yoshi Yoshitani
Golden Threads Tarot

Art by Labyrinthos

The tactile sensation of shuffling cards is an essential part of tarot reading. The Golden Thread deck is printed on thin, recycled plastic that shuffles more smoothly than other decks. The gold foil accentuates the stylized artwork for an experience where the distilled, traditional iconography of tarot takes center stage.


Art by Kim Krans

This deck is more properly described as oracle cards, as the imagery and concepts are not based on tarot. Instead, the Archetypes deck selects several Jungian icons of the psyche for a reading more rooted in the unconscious processes of the mind.

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Gothic Cowboy Tarot

Art by Kit Kellogg

The Gothic Cowboy tarot is a set of oracle cards centering classic iconography of the southwestern USA. The cards do not map to the arcana and suits of tarot; the guidebook includes interpretations for both upright and reversed draws. Unfortunately, the deck no longer appears to be available online.


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