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Awards Eligibility (2022)

By S. Qiouyi Lu  •  December 6, 2022  •  0 Comments

This year has been rough. It’s the first time in my life I’ve held down a job for over a year, and a full-time, labor-intensive job to boot, where the only time I can sit down is on my breaks or lunch. It’s hard to write when you’re working in the middle of a global […]

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femme is not compliance

By S. Qiouyi Lu  •  March 4, 2015  •  0 Comments

I’ve been having complicated feelings about gender and how I, as a nonbinary femme person, fit into women’s spaces and women’s narratives. I’ve previously identified as a woman, but I haven’t been identifying that way for the past couple of years at least. Yet I’m read by the world as a cis woman, and that […]

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stop ma’aming me

By S. Qiouyi Lu  •  February 28, 2015  •  0 Comments
Lanterns & clouds

I know you’re being polite, but: stop ma’aming me stop calling me a lady or a gal or a girl stop assuming that I’m a woman stop referencing me with she/her pronouns How I experience gender is separate from how I present myself physically. Gender is invisible, and, the more comfortable I am in understanding my […]

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