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WisCon 46

By S. Qiouyi Lu  •  May 9, 2023  •  Comments Off on WisCon 46

I will be moderating the WisCon Discord throughout the weekend. I will not be on any programming and my participation may otherwise be limited, but please feel free to chat online during the con.

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Relampeio (2022)

By S. Qiouyi Lu  •  August 19, 2022  •  Comments Off on Relampeio (2022)

Scheduled in UTC -3 Timezone. All the panels will be transmitted and will be available at our YouTube channel. August 19th – Friday 5pm | Unusual and National: The Brazilian Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror scene With Aline Valek, Irka Barrios, and Lu Ain-Zaila Mediated by Lígia Colares Translators: Ju Vicente e Ana Luiza Libras: […]

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StabbyCon (2022)

By S. Qiouyi Lu  •  January 31, 2022  •  Comments Off on StabbyCon (2022)

StabbyCon starts January 31st Hello, and get ready for our first Stabbycon! As we announced late last year, we’re excited to be launching our 2022 Stabbycon, which we hope will be a regular feature on r/fantasy. We realize this is taking place a little later than we had originally announced, but we wanted to make […]

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By S. Qiouyi Lu  •  September 16, 2021  •  Comments Off on FIYAHCON (2021)
Fiyahcon 2021

FIYAHCON is a virtual convention centering the perspectives and celebrating the contributions of BIPOC in speculative fiction. The event is hosted by FIYAH Literary Magazine and carries a variety of entertaining and educational content surrounding the business, craft, and community of speculative literature.—FIYAHCON

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World Fantasy Convention (2021)

By S. Qiouyi Lu  •  November 20, 2020  •  Comments Off on World Fantasy Convention (2021)
World Fantasy Convention 2021

I will be on the following programming items (all times in UTC-4): Reading @ 1:30 pm (Outremont 5) I will be reading an excerpt from In the Watchful City. Stereotyping in Fantasy @ 3:00 pm (St Laurent 6) Stereotyping imaginary races has been a mainstay of the fantasy genre, both in print and multimedia applications, […]

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FutureCon (2020)

By S. Qiouyi Lu  •  September 12, 2020  •  Comments Off on FutureCon (2020)

I will be attending FutureCon as an audience member. I have also joined the Discord and will drop in during the con and periodically afterward.

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World Fantasy Convention (2020)

By S. Qiouyi Lu  •  June 30, 2020  •  Comments Off on World Fantasy Convention (2020)
World Fantasy Convention 2020

Unfortunately, I had to cancel all Friday programming. My schedule was as follows (Mountain Time): Noir Fantasy and Fairylandswith Wendelin Gray, Korea Black, and Thaddeus Howze Fri Oct 30 11:00 AM It was a dark and stormy, well, you know. Many of the genres are about mood and atmosphere as much as certain plotlines and […]

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