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« back to full CVDetails: 「稲妻マリー」 (“Lightning Marie”) by S. Qiouyi Lu translated by 勝山海百合 (Umiyuri Katsuyama)


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Title / Summary 「稲妻マリー」 (“Lightning Marie”) by S. Qiouyi Lu
Byline translated by 勝山海百合 (Umiyuri Katsuyama)
Primary URL http://www.shinkigensha.co.jp/book/978-4-7753-1952-9/
Category Short Publications
Subcategory Translations and Adaptations
Identifiers ISBN (paperback) – 9784775319529
Date August 2021
Publisher Shinkigensha
Production Team
Additional staff 勝山海百合 (Umiyuri Katsuyama) (translator)
This work is a translation.
Original language(s) English
Original title “The Shapeshifter Unraveled”
Original author(s) S. Qiouyi Lu
Original publication Daily Science Fiction
Original publication date October 22, 2019
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