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Title / Summary The New Voices of Science Fiction
Byline edited by Jacob Weisman & Hannu Rajaniemi
Primary URL https://tachyonpublications.com/product/new-voices-of-science-fiction-the/
Category Books
Subcategory Anthologies
Identifiers ISBN (paperback) – 9781616962913
ISBN (eBook) – 9781616962920
Date November 2019
Publisher Tachyon Publications
Table of contents “The Shape of My Name” by Nino Cipri
“Madeleine” by Amal El-Mohtar
“One Hour, Every Seven Years” by Alice Sola Kim
“Ice” by Rich Larson
“Robo-Liopleurodon!” by Darcie Little Badger
“Mother Tongues” by S. Qiouyi Lu
“Calved” by Sam J. Miller
“Strange Waters” by Samantha Mills
“In the Sharing Place” by David Erik Nelson
“The Secret Life of Bots” by Suzanne Palmer
“Our Lady of the Open Road” by Sarah Pinsker
“A Series of Steaks” by Vina Jie-Min Prasad
“The Need for Air” by Lettie Prell
“Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience™” by Rebecca Roanhorse
“A Study in Oils” by Kelly Robson
“Tender Loving Plastics” by Amman Sabet
“Toppers” by Jason Sanford
“Utopia? LOL!” by Jamie Wahls
“Openness” by Alexander Weinstein
“The Doing and Undoing of Jacob E. Mwangi” by E. Lily Yu
  1. “Mother Tongues”
Production Team
Editors Hannu Rajaniemi (editor)
Jacob Weisman (editor)

Press, awards, and honors for the work.


  1. Locus Recommended Reading List, 2019.
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