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Title / Summary Prismatica 8
Byline edited by Chandra Montez
Primary URL https://prismaticapress.com/pm-issue-008
Category Magazines
Subcategory Periodical Issues
Date March 2020
Publisher Prismatica Press
Table of contents POETRY
”Venus” by Percy Delatte
“Sappho” by Percy Delatte

“The Sea of Faith” by K. Noel Moore - 3.9k words
”At Your Dream’s Edge” by S. Qiouyi Lu - 1.8k words
“Caller” by Lara Ameen - 5k words
“Worship” by Esme Fenn - 2.3k words
“Stars Like Teeth in Summer’s Dark Maw” by Briar Ripley Page - 4.4k words
”Factotum” by Steve Carr - 3.2k words

”Fever Dream” by Kiley Lee
  1. “At Your Dream’s Edge”
Production Team
Editors Chandra Montez (editor-in-chief)
Artists Kylie Lee (cover artist)
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