I receive a lot of messages and have a demanding day job as well as multiple disabilities. To manage expectations on both your end and mine, here are the response times you can expect for communication from me, as well as things you can do to increase the likelihood that I’ll respond promptly to you.

Expected response times

ChannelAccountTarget Response TimeTypical Response Time
Postal mailPersonalnever unless response is requested±2 weeks of respond by date
Postal mailBusiness

115 W California Blvd #9168
Pasadena, CA 91105 USA


Forest House, 3rd Floor
16-20 Clements Road
Unit #2088
Ilford, IG1 1BA UK
never unless response is requestednot enough data
Phone – missed callPersonalnevernever
Phone – missed callBusiness

(626) 869-6373
Phone – voicemailPersonal6 hours1–3 days
Phone – voicemailBusiness

(626) 869-6373
3 business daysnot enough data
TextPersonal4 hours15 minutes–2 days

(626) 869-6373
1 business day

Business inquiries will be redirected to email <s@qiouyi.lu>
not enough data
TextSignal24 hours1–5 days
ChatDiscord/Slack72 hours only when DMed or pinged

Business inquiries will be redirected to email <s@qiouyi.lu>
Servers and channels never checked

Not enough data for individual message response times
ChatGoogle Hangouts

Only enabled for personal accounts and <s@qiouyi.lu>. Disabled for magazine and other Gmail accounts.
72 hours2–5 days
ChatWeChat72 hours

Business inquiries will be redirected to email <s@qiouyi.lu>
not enough data
ChatBasecamp48 hours only when pingednot enough data
EmailPersonal1 week1–2 weeks

5 business days2–3 weeks

2 weeks1–2 weeks
Direct Message (DM)Twitter48 hours

Business inquiries will be redirected to email <s@qiouyi.lu>
2 hours–1 week
Direct Message (DM)Instagram72 hours

Business inquiries will be redirected to email <s@qiouyi.lu>
1 week
Mention (@)Twitter24 hours

Business inquiries will be redirected to email <s@qiouyi.lu>
Seen within 4 hours

Replied to within 12 hours only if I have something to say
Mention (@)Instagram72 hours

Business inquiries will be redirected to email <s@qiouyi.lu>
Post tags seen within 1 week

Story tags often missed because they expire before I see them (only up for 24 hours)

No replies unless requested

Accessibility accommodations

To improve the likelihood that I’ll respond promptly, you may do the following:

AccommodationWhen to UseExample
Multimedia summaries (video & audio)When sending a link or embedding a video or audio, include a summary and/or why you want me to see it. I heavily dislike video as a medium and usually do not watch anything sent to me. I am more likely to click your link if I know what to expect.[link to video] I think you’d love this video of a cat eating sashimi!

[link to video] This is a great summary of the history of the printing press.

[link to song] I love the bass in this song! It feels like a cross between metal and dubstep.

[link to movie trailer] This looks totally up your alley; it’s dieselpunk set in Hong Kong!
Descriptive subject linesAll emails and messages. I am far more likely to open your email if it has a summary of its contents, rather than a generic title.

Guide: How to write an effective email subject line for media requests by Gretchen McCulloch
Not descriptive: Translation request

Descriptive: Translator needed for science fiction short story by [author] (# of characters)
Prefix email subjects with [URGENT]ONLY when you need a response from me within 5 business days or 1 calendar week. You will be blocked from emailing me if you use this prefix for something that doesn’t require a response or isn’t urgent.Subject: [URGENT] Invitation to speak on panel about decolonizing fantasy

Body: Hello, we’ve had a panelist drop out last-minute and wanted to see if you were available on [a date within 5 business days]…
Include key dates and times in subject lineAnything time-sensitive. The further toward the beginning of your message that you place the date, the more likely I am to pay attention to it and schedule it in my calendar.Will be missed: Author event on Thursday!

Might actually attend: Author event on Thursday April 12 at 5pm!
End email subjects with <EOM> (End Of Message)If the entire contents of your email can fit in the subject line, just put it there, end with <EOM>, and leave the body of the email blank. Typically used for announcements with no response needed.Subject: Book club meeting postponed to Wednesday September 30th at 7pm <EOM>

Body: [empty]
Prefix email subjects with [NO REPLY NEEDED]Use if you don’t need a response from me. I am more likely to open an email if I know I don’t have to take action on it.Subject: [NO REPLY NEEDED] Agenda and Zoom link for next meeting

Body: [details]
Prefix email subjects with [RESPONSE REQUESTED]Use if you need me to reply to the email or to a link within the email, such as a form.

Do not use if a response is optional.

Do not use if you are sending a query—use a descriptive subject and I will infer that you are looking for a response. This tag is more to distinguish emails that I may miss because they look like notifications, and to prioritize emails that I may mistake as not requiring a response.
Subject: [RESPONSE REQUESTED] Publication contract for [piece]

Subject: [RESPONSE REQUESTED] Dietary restrictions for potluck

Subject: [RESPONSE REQUESTED] Scheduling our next meeting

Thanks for making my inboxes more accessible.