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Concept Art Map and quick conceptual notes for Caldera.

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The Hub

The Hub is the central governance location in Ora. It houses nodes, people who are anchored to a worldtree via a stem attached to the base to their necks. The stem connects them to the Gleaming via a liquid medium of pava. The nodes network into a central processing unit to manage the city’s needs….

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Dalia’s Apartment

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Dalia lives in a depressing studio apartment in Horonik. The one upside of living there is that it’s on the fourteenth floor, so the views of the city are fantastic. Floor plan of Dalia’s apartment. I’m hopeless at keeping spatial information straight in my mind, so I have minifigs move around on my notebook drawings…

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Tiankyo is the capital of the five islands that make up the Skylands. Long a colonial capital, its power has since shrunk after the dissolution of the duarchy and creation of a federated state. History This timeline covers the events chronicled in the epistolary story “The Sky and Everything Under” in In the Watchful City….

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