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Pronunciation Guide

You can find pronunciations of terms and names used in my work below. I have provided IPA as well as a rough approximation using English words and sounds.

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Pava is an herb with medicinal and recreational uses. It can be prepared and consumed in various ways. The main effect of pava is to open a link between the user and Aurei’s qi, the planet’s metaphysical ecosystem and network, known as the Gleaming, the Host, and the Manifold, among other culture-specific names. The specific…

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Combat Skycups

Combat skycups is a competitive sport originating in Tiānkyo. The skycups resemble the diabolos of Earth. My goal in creating combat skycups was to have a fantasy sport that is completely playable in our world. Although competitive Quidditch exists, the sport is a modified version of what is represented in the Harry Potter universe. All…

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Imperial Calendar of the Skylands

Dates in the Imperial Calendar of the Skylands consist of two parts, the era and the date, separated by a middle dot (·). For example, the date "Shuang 63 · Amu 2" is read in full as "the second day of Amu in the 63rd year of the Shuang era." There are thirteen months, each…

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