Mother Tongues

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Original Publication:

“Mother Tongues.” Asimov’s, January/February 2018. 3,700 words.



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  • Hugo Award long list, 2019.
  • Locus Recommended Reading List, 2018.
  • Asimov’s 33rd Annual Readers’ Award Poll finalist, 2019.


  • Magyar (Hungarian), as “Anyanyelv” in Az év legjobb science fiction és fantasynovellái 2019, ISBN 978-963-406-797-9.
  • 日本語 (Japanese), as 「母の言葉」 in Babelzine vol. 1. Translated by 藤川新京 (Shinkyo Fujikawa).

Trigger Warnings:


Content Notes:

Cultural assimilation, language loss, immigration, diaspora, mother–daughter relationships, Chinese language, Chinese-American characters, Cantonese language, nonexistent technology, linguistics, literally commodified language.