Imperial Calendar of the Skylands

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Dates in the Imperial Calendar of the Skylands consist of two parts, the era and the date, separated by a middle dot (·). For example, the date “Shuang 63 · Amu 2” is read in full as “the second day of Amu in the 63rd year of the Shuang era.”

There are thirteen months, each 28 days long, in the Imperial Calendar. Each quarter of the first twelve months represents a season. The thirteenth month is considered a liminal month.

Spring① Koba② Jing③ Mido
Summer④ Yuchan⑤ Haitang⑥ Mona
Autumn⑦ Song⑧ Bei⑨ Mubei
Winter⑩ Chui⑪ Dayou⑫ Amu
Liminal⑬ Nata
Months of the Imperial Calendar.