Combat Skycups

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Combat skycups is a competitive sport originating in Tiankyo. The skycups resemble the diabolos of Earth.

My goal in creating combat skycups was to have a fantasy sport that is completely playable in our world. Although competitive Quidditch exists, the sport is a modified version of what is represented in the Harry Potter universe. All equipment for combat skycups already exists on Earth. The game requires no magic or other fantasy feats to play in full.

Concept Art

Initial ideas for combat skycups.
Elaborated rules of combat skycups, including basketball foul rules on the opposite page as inspiration. Many thanks to Johnny Liu for game design guidance.
Drafting “This Form I Hold Now” with choreography of each character’s move.
Choreography for final round.

Real-World Inspiration

Video showing monobolo used as top.
Video illustrating the concept of idling a skycup.
Compilation of monobolo tricks and their Chinese names as performed by a Hui woman.
Video illustrating dynamic catching and throwing tricks between two people with diabolos.