Speculative fiction writer, translator, and editor

Semester dates are approximate.


Enrolled in PhD program

Graduate Arts and Sciences
Linguistics Major

Susan Huntington Dean’s Distinguished University Fellowship


Autumn 2012

Courses taken:

CHINESE 6380 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics

LING 5101 Phonetic Theory
Field Language Report: Anhui Feixi Mandarin

LING 5201 Syntactic Theory 1
Syntactic properties of the construction “I can’t”

LING 5601 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
Language and anti-Chinese racism in the media

LING 6001 Teaching Introduction to Linguistics

LING 7890.11 SoMean Group


Spring 2013

Courses taken:

COMPSTD 7380 Theorizing (the) America(s)
Perpetual foreigner, yellow peril, and model minority
When Biometrics Fail: Gender, Race, and the Technology of Identity by Shoshana Amielle Magnet
Migrating to the Movies by Jacqueline Stewart
Borders and agency in Brother, I’m Dying

ENGLISH 7858.01 The Ethics of Ethnics: Comparative Racialization, Cultural Studies and the Post-Racial Era
Review of Strange Affinities: The Gender and Sexual Politics of Comparative Racialization eds. Grace Kyungwon Hong & Roderick A. Ferguson
Annotated Bibliography

LING 5602 Introduction to Quantitative Sociolinguistics
Asian American English

LING 5651 Languages in Contact
The interlanguage of L1 Chinese speakers learning English as a second language

LING 6000 Teaching Introduction to Linguistics

LING 6001 Proseminar


Maymester 2013

Courses taken:

LING 6000 Teaching Introduction to Linguistics

LING 6193 Individual Studies

WGSST 8800 Topics in Feminist Studies
Problematizing sociolinguistic authenticity: Considering power, oppression, and cultural appropriation in crossing


Autumn 2013

Courses taken:

CHINESE 7385 Chinese Dialects
芜湖语 Wuhu Dialect

LING 5301 Phonological Theory 1
Coronal palatalization without dorsal palatalization

LING 5401 Semantics 1
The syntax and semantics of Chinese classifiers
The syntax and semantics of Chinese classifiers (in progress)

LING 5700 Science Education Outreach
Pasta Phonetics Demo


FMLA leave

On leave from graduate school during 2014 to recuperate from burnout.


Spring 2015

Courses Taken:

ENGLISH 4580 Special Topics in LGBTQ Literature
Heteronormativity and the development of the Singaporean nation

ENGLISH 8193 Individual Studies

LING 7890.06 Social Historical Linguistics


Summer 2015

Courses taken:

LING 8193 Individual Studies


Dropped out

Decided graduate program wasn't a good fit and left for other prospects.

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