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irrealis.ink was a static, art exhibit sister site to atashi.org. You can view the site in its original form below.

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Additional context on the pages. Links open in the viewport browser above. All photography and design by me.

Post-Apocalyptica” is a sequential art microfiction work illustrated with photographs I took while camping overnight at the unmaintained, crumbling parts of the Great Wall of China as part of my study abroad program in Beijing in 2011. It’s got a bleak and solarpunk vibe.


Exhibit showing physical, hand-bound, crafted editions of digital fanfic. I created this series to question what media we consider transient and what media we consider worthy of archiving, and why we consider that a physical edition of a digital good reifies an idea.

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Utterance pages are collaborative round robin works. atashi and I alternated on each sentence and improvised in real-time. Each work was completed in one session.

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Hand-coded archive of postal mail sent between April 2015 and October 2015. Includes lightbox to view scans.

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Hand-coded pronoun usage page. Includes audio files of pronoun pronunciation that play on click.

Page includes multiple pronoun sets. By changing the class of a set to "current," I can show or hide sets depending on my mood.

I developed this as an easy-to-update pronoun badge that would accommodate my genderfluidity.

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Hand-coded post layout design. View in new window to see full responsiveness of layout on large screens.

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