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Th Fifth Letter

Daily Science Fiction, September 12, 2016. 900 words.

On Proclamation Day, all of us got a command from on high: “Stop using that symbol. You know which symbol I am talking about: it is fifth in our organization of writing symbols. This symbol is awful and usurps too much room.”

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“Fun, political spec fic with impressive word play[.]” Ben Weiss

“As I’ve said before, I’m not one for “gimmick stories,” but this one is a h*ll of an accomplishm*nt.” Mishell Baker

“Brilliant, thought-provoking, alphabet-subversive fun[.]”Maria Haskins

Cover for Strange Horizons - Our Queer Planet - Week 3

Her Sacred Spirit Soars

Strange Horizons, July 18, 2016. 5,400 words. Podcast narrated by Anaea Lay at Strange Horizons.

Bodies pressed together, we soar over the mountains of Guilin and come to a stop on a verdant peak. We fold our wings together, the iridescent feathertips of my wing resting over yours. You bear our weight on your leg; when you tire, I bear our weight on mine. We work our two eyes together.

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“[I]f you’re looking for a story to squeeze your heart and make your soul hurt (in the best way), then this scifi/fantasy love-story (with wings and a beak) is it. […] Lu’s writing shimmers and glows while telling a story that really cut me to the quick.”Maria Haskins

“[A]n amazing and emotionally resonant and strange story in the best of ways.”Quick Sip Reviews

“I love how the story looks not just at love but also dependence and assistance and health.”Nerds of a Feather